How to create PRIVATE SYNONYM ?


I have created PUBLIC SYNONYM for tables on a schema without problems.

However, the DBA told me that it's better to create PRIVATE SYNONYM for tables to an specific user.

After dropping PUBLIC SYNONYMs, I tried to do this, but got error:

CREATE PRIVATE SYNONYM Table_1   for MySchema.Table_1 ;

Error: ORA-00922: missing or invalid option

How could I create private synonym for an database user: My_Read_User
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GGuzdziolConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Yes -
CREATE SYNONYM Table_1   for MySchema.Table_1 ;

but run this as My_Read_user
there's no PRIVATE keyword. But this will be private in fact.
miyahiraAuthor Commented:
Mmmm... If I try to do:

CREATE SYNONYM Table_1   for MySchema.Table_1 ;

Then got error:
ORA-01471: cannot create a synonym with same name as object

So I do:

CREATE SYNONYM Table_1x   for MySchema.Table_1 ;

And it's OK.

However, when I connect to database as My_Read_User, I have to query like this:
SELECT * FROM MySchema.Table_1x

Is there anyway to connect to database as My_Read_User and query without specifying any schema:
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awking00Connect With a Mentor Commented:
create synonym table_1 for myschema.mytable_11082006; => often private synonyms are used create generic names for more complicated ones.

grant select on table_1 to my_read_user;

miyahiraAuthor Commented:
Ok, I got it... thanks GGuzdziol
Stephen LappinConnect With a Mentor Senior TechnologistCommented:
You cannot create a (private) synonym with the same name as an object in the schema you are connected to.

You CAN create a (private) synonym for an object in a different schema with teh same name.

You can also create a PUBLIC synonym for an object in any schema using the same name as the object.
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