Disable right click save as wallpaper

Hi all,

How do you disable right clicking a picture and saving as wallpaper ?? what registry key do you change ?? Thanks in advance

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Here2HelpConnect With a Mentor Commented:

To open the Group Policy Editor if you don't know how.

Go to Start>Run> Type 'gpedit.msc' then do what's mentioned above.
dubisteamAuthor Commented:
I need this for windows xp !!
use the group policy settings to do this, but if im not mistaken you either will disable the right mouse click or their is an option to disable to change the wallpaper.

with this in mind if they log in they can change the wallpaper , but once they log out and back in it reverts back to the default one
mahe2000Connect With a Mentor Commented:
may be you can try setting up a policy (local or global) that prevent users from changing their wallpaper:
User Configuration\Administrative Templates\Control Panel\Display\Prevent Changing Wallpaper
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