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Email delivery issue

Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2013-11-15
Anyone have any input on this. This an issue that has been occuring for the last several months. We are runing exchange in a server 2003 environment. There are no exceptions which display rejecting this email address, but still she cannot access our company via email. Here is the error message. All of the names have been changed to "user" to hide their email addresses.


11072006 16:45:16:Message ID : <5503931>
11072006 16:45:16:Message data {'USRTO':
['user@purcellsystems.com'], 'USRFRM': ['user@svb.com'], 'DOMTO':
['purcellsystems.com'], 'SUBJ': 'conf call tomorrow', 'DOMFRM':
11072006 16:45:16:User - GroupID info {'user@svb.com': [1],
'user@purcellsystems.com': [1], 'purcellsystems.com': [1],
'svb.com': [1]}
11072006 16:45:28:Starting to process for domain <purcellsystems.com> and msgids <[5503931L]>
11072006 16:45:28:Processing purcellsystems.com
11072006 16:45:28:Lookup Returned. Data = <(0, 'purcellsystems.com')>, Type = <MX>
11072006 16:45:28:Lookup Returned <[(0, 'purcellsystems.com', ('',))]>.
11072006 16:45:28:Connecting to Domain purcellsystems.com
11072006 16:45:28:Block time out set to = (300) seconds.
11072006 16:45:28:Connecting to MX <purcellsystems.com> ....
11072006 16:45:28:Connecting to A <> ....
11072006 16:45:28:Connection Status ------<1>
11072006 16:45:28:Enable SSL has been turned off. The messages for the domain <purcellsystems.com> will be delivered over a non-secure channel.
11072006 16:45:29:Starting SendSmtpMsg for msg_id <5503931> in domain <purcellsystems.com>
11072006 16:45:29:RETR COMMAND RECEIVED
11072006 16:45:30:Exception occurred: Type=<SMTPDataError> Domain=<purcellsystems.com> MsgID=<5503931> Exception=<(550, '5.7.1 Requested action not taken: message refused')>

-----Original Message-----
From: user
Sent: Tuesday, November 07, 2006 4:47 PM
To: user
Subject: FW: Delivery Notification for <user@purcellsystems.com>


Having a really hard time of late getting through to Purcell.  I try resending, either immediately or with five minute delays, and it doesn't work. Sometimes, I can reply to a previous message but not today.  We are in the midst of a lot of work with them.  Please see if you can assist.

Thank you,


-----Original Message-----
From: "Postmaster" [mailto:"Postmaster"]
Sent: Tuesday, November 07, 2006 4:46 PM
To: user
Subject: Delivery Notification for <user@purcellsystems.com>

This is a delivery status notification, automatically generated by MTA semlssts.svbank.com on Tue, 07 Nov 2006 16:45:30 -0800 Regarding
recipient(s) : user@purcellsystems.com Delivery status : Failed.
Message could not be delivered to the domain - purcellsystems.com. Error while sending data.
MTA Response :550
The original message is included as attachment.
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From what i can see there, the mail when bounced is not delivered to the domain, meaning it is external to your exchange environment.

The user's ISP or work MX records may be a problem.
 From the senders location they need to clarify the mail xchange records for that domain or the ISP

If for example I run NSLookup and type set q=mx    RETURN
and enter purcellsystems.com I get the IP. What is odd is that I do not get the DNS name of your mail server, which may cause issues at my end depending on circumstances.

"purcellsystems.com      MX preference = 0, mail exchanger = purcellsystems.com

purcellsystems.com      internet address ="

As you can see there is not cost for routing to this domain & I cannot resolve your IP to a mail xchanger, ie "mail.purcellsystems.com" for example.
There is no host in my MX records for your mail exchanger just a domain name
May be the user's ISP or doamin if at work does not have the correct A record or PTR to direct mail to your domain,

Should resolve to somethinglike below

"> tesco.net
Server:  Ourserver
Address:  ??.??.??.???
Non-authoritative answer:
tesco.net       MX preference = 5, mail exchanger = smtpin.tesco.net""""""""

You can see the return for tesco.net. Whan queried for your domain MX the mailserver should be returned.

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Ask the Experts
Joseph HornseyDirector of IT & Infrastructure

The key, I think is in this entry:

11072006 16:45:30:Exception occurred: Type=<SMTPDataError> Domain=<purcellsystems.com> MsgID=<5503931> Exception=<(550, '5.7.1 Requested action not taken: message refused')>

The exception is that the message is being refused by the receiving server.

The first think I'd do is check the following:

1. Make sure that you have the correct reverse lookup record (PTR) for your Exchange server in DNS
2. Make sure that your SMTP relay is not open.  Test this by going to http://www.ordb.org
3. If your relay was open, make sure you're not blacklisted by spamhaus or spamcop
4. Make sure you have a SPF record for your domain (http://www.openspf.org for more info)

If all that's good, then you'll need to talk to whoever manages the mail server on their end.

Surely this would affect more than one sender intermittently.
Checking PTR, I agree, must be pointed to a host and not just domain.com must be FQDN

It seems like the PTR for is purcellsystems.com.
This should point to a specific host.. example smtpin.tesco.net.... smtpin being the host

Joseph HornseyDirector of IT & Infrastructure

Maybe I'm confused... is the the purcellsystems.com user a sender inside the network or a recipient outside the network?



Thanks for the help. The sender of the email just informed us they are having mx record problems.
Also as an extra measure, I whitelisted anyone from the senders domain in SMSME.

You may find that exchange (with the later service packs) is using message filtering to block your inbound message.

We found that even if we had the IP for the sending server enabled as a relay IP address (web server senind email from website) this would only work sometimes. It depended on the delivery address and the sending email address and content.

The solution was to enable another IP address on the SMTP server, and to ensure that message filtering was turned off on this IP address (in the exchange smtp settings). Then to use this ip address as the smtp server for the website.

Fixed all the strange things that were going on.
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