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Unable to backup to tape from windows server 2003 NT Backup

I don't have that much to back up (which is why I am not using another program besides the backup with server 2003....anyway.  I am using a Dell PowerEdge server with a Benchmark DLT1/VS50 Tape Drive.  I have been following http://support.microsoft.com/kb/314844 to set up my backup strategy.  Everything functions like it is supposed to until I try and back something up.  When I try and perform a backup, I get the following error:  There is no free media available with the selected type.  In the event logs there is an Event ID 111 that says RSM could not load media in drive "drive" of library "library".  When I try and manually move the media from the free media to any other (import or backup) I get an error that says "The group or resource is not in the correct state to perform the requested operation.  

I've been searching this sight and others trying to figure out why my back ups will not run.  They were working a week ago and then they stopped.  The only change that I know I made was that I changed the page file from the c drive to the e drive and enlarged it a touch.  I have the most up to date drivers installed and the server is up to date on the MS patches.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!!!

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you may have checked this, but you can make sure your media on your tape is set to overwritable?  

It sounds as if you have append with no overwrite at the moment.
Try formating and labeling your tapes.

Check into backupassist.com. It is an inexpensive solution ($150) for the native nt backup. It assists in media managment and automated backups where the native backup fails.

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spguymonAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the comments....

The media on the tape is set to overwritable.  I've taken brand new tapes that have just been unwrapped and tried those as well with no luck.  

As far as formatting and labelling, the only thing that I see to do that with is when you put the tape in you can set it to free which as my understanding goes is what formats it.  When you do this it moves from the unrecognized media pool to the free media pool.  As for the articles, I've read those.  For the first, with my tape drive it sets up a media pool of "backup" and I can not get that pool to accept any new free media.  If I try manually to add the media to that pool, I get the error "The group or resource is not in the correct state to perform the requested operation."

Thanks again for the comments and keep them coming please!!
would you please past here the exact error you got in the event viewr ... or any other error
spguymonAuthor Commented:
The exact error is:

Source: Removable Storage Serv
Categaory: None
Event ID:  111

RSM could not load media in drive \\.\Tape0 of library Drive 0.
This error happened because the Tape changer was seeing the cleaning cartridge in Slot0 and didn't know how to handle it. Removing the cleaning cartridge and running the following steps fixed the problem:
1. Start / Run / ntmsmgr.msc / OK.
2. Double-click Removable Storage.
3. Double-click Physical Locations.
4. Right-click the changer device and press Cleaner Management Wizard.
5. Follow the on-screen instructions.
spguymonAuthor Commented:
I can follow the above until where you say to right-click the changer device and press cleaner management wizard.  When I right click on it, I have the following items in the drop down menu: Eject, Inventory, Mark as Clean, All Tasks which when you select it it just shows those other options as well.  I do not have an option and press.  Oh and I do not have a Physical Locations, I have a Libraries that has the tape drive listed under it.  I have already tried to mark as clean with no success.
spguymonAuthor Commented:
I haven't been able to replicate those steps.  It is wierd.

I think that the problem is with the the media pool labelled "backup".  It seems to be busy and not responding and not allocating from the free pool.  Is there a  way to delete that pool and create a new one or just to create a new one and attach it to NT backup?

I'll keep looking at the cleaner management but have not found much yet.  Thanks for the help.
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i am having the exact same problem, does anyone have any idea how to get this working?
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