Cisco 2610 Router upgradeable to use VOIP, CCME?

Have a quick question for your, I have a 2610 router and I was wondering if it could be upgraded to host CallManager Express on it so we can use it for a SOHO branch, 2-3 users at a time. Please let me know, also, it currently has a v.35 interface on it. What would I have to purchase to work with our business class modem using RJ45?
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lrmooreConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Well.... after researching this for you, I've discovered that you have to have at least the 2610XM model to use CCME.

The 2801 comes with 128Mb DRAM and 64Mb flash
Highly suggest the 2801 Voice bundle:
(Cisco part #: CISCO2801-CCME/K9)  $3095 list price

Depending on what type of phone(s) you want to support, you might need 1 x VWIC2-2FXO and 1x VWIC2-2FXS
The router had dual 10/100 interfaces already.

>Our ISP is RR down here, would the WIC T1 line be to be used on that?
Nope. Just the 2nd FastE interface of the router. This is another strike against your existing 2610 - no capability to add a 2nd Ethernet interface..

Yes, you can use a 2610 for CCME. You will need to upgrade both flash and DRAM.
Not sure what you mean by "business class modem" using RJ45... is this a T1 CSU/DSU?
VoIP interfaces are typically T1, ISDN PRI, FXO or E&M..
For 2-3 users I'd suggest simply to use 1x2FXS and 1x2FXO modules, but they don't work in the standard WIC slots of the 2610. You'd have to add a NM-2V module. You can use a WIC-1DSU-T1 T1 card in one of the standard slots for your WAN connection..
The costs of purchasing the memory upgrades and the NM + voice modules, and the CCME feature set IOS will probably mean that you will spend more money souping up this old 2610 than you would to purchase a brand new 2801/CCME bundle.
blakmoon91Author Commented:
Thanks for the post and follow up, a couple of quick questions:
1: Amount of recommend memory for the router, 128 MB for DRAM, 64 Flash?
2: Our ISP is RR down here, would the WIC T1 line be to be used on that? We terminate to a high speed modem, not a CSU/DSU, just a small branch office
3: Could you give me the image names for both the Router and CCME? I need to research my options of upgrading vs buying

Always appreciate your time!!
blakmoon91Author Commented:
That's what I thought, glad to hear it from you, always appreciate the time!
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