To: email address isnt auto completing in outlook 2003


On the other PC the user is used to the name or email address auto completing as she types an email address....................
She thinks once its in the address book or has sent one before it should auto complete ......... it doesn’t

It may do for some addresses I will have to double check.  I have remote access but anyone any ideas?
Tried adding sample email address to address book - it didnt auto complete on new email address.

Outlook 2003.

Anyone any ideas?
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Jeff PerkinsOwnerCommented:
Hi worded,
Autocomplete will only work in Outlook 2003 for addresses that you have already sent an email to.

Greetings, worded !

I. You need to enable Contacts Database as Email Address Book in Outlook 2003

1. click Tools > Email Accounts
2. click on 'View or change existing directories or address books' option.
3. click 'Next'.
4. click on 'Add' button > 'Additional Address Books' option.
5. click 'Next'.
6. click on the 'Outlook Address Book' option.
7. click 'Next'.
8. click on 'Finish' button.

9. click on the 'Contacts' tab
10. right-click on the 'Contacts' option on the left-hand side (under 'My
11. click on the 'Properties' option - see multi-tabbed dialog.
12. click on the 'Outlook Address Book' tab.
13. ensure that the 'Show this folder as an e-mail address book' option is
14. click OK.

Your Contacts database should now be active as an e-mail address book.

II. If no joy, The names are kept in a NK2 file.  The file may be corrupt. With Outlook close, search for *.NK2 and rename the file.  When Outlook opens, a new one should be created.

.NK2 file is located in
C:\Documents and Settings\<user>\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook folder. It is a hidden file. Go to any folder and select Tools > Folders Options > View. Check "Show hidden files and folders".  Click OK.

Best wishes!
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wordedAuthor Commented:

Will remote the PC in a few mins and see what happens.
wordedAuthor Commented:

Re: saw830  
"Autocomplete will only work in Outlook 2003 for addresses that you have already sent an email to"
Agreed on that.

Q to War1
Is outlook capable of looking to the address book "contacts" in outlook 2003 as well even if the user has never sent an email to a person in the contacts list?
Yes, if you make contacts list part of the address book, clicking on the To field will see all the names from Contacts.  The autocomplete names come from address book and the nickname file.
worded, any update?
wordedAuthor Commented:

War1  "The autocomplete names come from address book and the nickname file"

Ive created a new contact test4.  With a made up email address.
The question is - if Ive never emailed the person before - can outlook be set to auto complete from contacts if I dont want to hit the TO: button?

If you do not hit the To box to activate the autocomplete list, how else do you activate the list?

You can add a contact address.  Make sure it is in your address book. Without ever sending the email to that person before, you can hit the To button the name will show up.
Jeff PerkinsOwnerCommented:
You don't have to hit To to activate War,  I believe the autocomplete Worded is talking about is, when you just start typing a name or email address... That's what I was referring to in my first post... I don't think that autocomplete will work until you have sent an email to that contact, or at least that what I've discovered when researching this.

Thanks for clarifying the typing of the names.  It is similar to clicking on the To field. Autocomplete draws its list of names from address book and nicknames file.  Autocomplete should work if the contact names are in Address Book, irrespective whether an email has been sent to the name.
wordedAuthor Commented:

The user is happy knowing that an email has to be sent in order for it to work ..............

But ..... it doesnt work for me or the user .... I wonder if this has anything to do with the fact that we are both standalone outlooks ... not exchange connected?

It would be good if it did ..... but its not a huge issue, but it doesnt work like that, for the moment anyway.
worded, enable the Contacts list as I show you above may get it to work.
wordedAuthor Commented:

I cant get it to work that way. (have tried what was suggested) But the client is happy to know that an email must be sent prior to it auto completing
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