VERY slow browsing IE & Firefox - but downloads very fast!

  I've been trying to solve a problem on a friends PC.

IE(7), Firefox & Email are INCREDIBLY slow (both via ethernet or wireless - tried both) - BUT - downloads and broadband speedtests are quick.
Both DNS lookup and downloading/rendering the webpages is painful.

He has a dlink ADSL router & even browsing to that is rediculously slow - 2 mins to load a page. BUT  (another one) his laptop connects to it and the internet and run fine.
I put his PC on my home network & it was fine - we tried his old speedtouch usb adsl modem - it's fine.

I'm baffled: -
The DLINK "must" be OK 'cause the laptop works flawlessy with it.
The PC "must" be OK because it has no problems when attached to anything except the dlink router.
The ethernet cable "must" be OK as the same issue occurs if a wireless connection is used.
The broadband connection "must" be OK because speedtests produce good results and the laptop has no problems.

I checked the system logs and there are a couple of messages about "event_bowser_other_master_on_net" and MrxSMB EVent ID 8003 - which is odd as this is an XP Home system - but the MS guides to these errors seem to suggest they are nothing to worry about.

My current plan is to take my router to his house & see what happens then - but I'm still bemused and would love to know what is at the heart of this problem.
Any ideas, folks?
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Rob WilliamsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Double check what the PC has for DNS server IP's for it's TCP/IP properties. Run an
  ipconfig  /all
from a command line and compare the DNS servers with the laptop. Perhaps one is static and the other is obtaining from the router through DHCP, perhaps one is not functioning properly for that local.
Try changing to another DNS server as a test such as or
Agree with Rob, you appear to have a DNS issue.  Verify your DNS settings.
nahaAuthor Commented:
Will do, I won't be back at his machine until Friday though - That doesn't explain, AFAIK - why the pages still takes an age when downloading - hmmm - Google and some others are is pretty quick, but almost all other sites/pages painfully slow. Does the DNS get used for individual elements of pages? I thought it was just to get the site IP and IP's for any external parts of a page.
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nahaAuthor Commented:
Another thought - when I access his router via IP address the pages still load very slowly. Doesn't that eliminate DNS as the issue?
Rob WilliamsCommented:
>>"Does the DNS get used for individual elements of pages?"
Not often but it does with some pages, if they are linked.

>>"when I access his router via IP address the pages still load very slowly. Doesn't that eliminate DNS as the issue?"
Good point.  However; "DNS lookup and downloading/rendering the webpages is painful" is a strong indicator of DNS problems.

Smacky311Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Spyware causes issues like this.  Run spyware cleanup program:
Rob WilliamsCommented:
My first thought was spyware as well, but the PC works when connected anywhere but the D-Link.

I can't see how the D-Link would affect 1 PC, but perhaps try installing the latest firmware, or re-install the existing, if the latest, reset, and reconfigure.
kadadi_vConnect With a Mentor IT AdminCommented:
May be that desktop network card issue try to reinstall or upgrade  that network card driver software & check its work,and check the any internet security or firewall like zone alarm or norton internet security installed on that pc or check for virusesand  make the same network settings as your laptop works on that d-link router.

nahaAuthor Commented:
I also thought it might be spyware - but I fully cleaned the system - ran Adaware, Spybot S&D, Webroot Spy Sweeper & also ran three different anti virus scanners. I did find a couple of bits of spyware - but cleared them all out & the problem persists.

I also thought about the NIC or the cable, so I used a USB wireless dongle to connect & the problem was still there.
Norton is installed - but the problem persists even if I turn it off for a few minutes. aaarrggghhh!

My current plan - I'll go and check the IP & DNS settings & compare the two machines. I'll also take round my old router & try that if it's still a problem.
Thanks for the ideas so far folks - much appreciated & food for thought.
The spyware you had on your machine may have caused some irreversable damage that may require a format/reinstall.
nahaAuthor Commented:
Hurrah - it's resolved !!

It turned out to be McAfee - specifically it's anti phishing component.
I don't really understand why that only caused a problem on his network - but as he has IE7 which has it's own anti-phishing filter built in N.B. It wasn't a conflict between the two anti-phishing filters because switching it off in IE7 & on in McAfee still left the browser running very very slowly.

It would have been easier if he hadn't installed the router & updated McAfee & had IE7 automatically installed all around the same time.
Thanks all for the suggestions - I'll split the points even though I got to the final resolution myself as I think EE and it's users are great!

Rob WilliamsCommented:
Thanks naha.
Seems IE7 works fine itself but that is the 4th unrelated problem that seems to have been caused by it. It seems a little bizarre. I have held off installing it on my networks.
nahaAuthor Commented:
I've just been on the MCAfee forums - Looks like plenty of others are suffering from this issue - Hopefully they will address it soon.
Rob WilliamsCommented:
Long shot, but I wonder if IE7 somehow tries to make use of UPnP on your router if enabled. Firefox wouldn't and at the other site it might be disabled on the router.
nahaAuthor Commented:
   All I know is that McAfee's anti-phishing filter is at the heart of the problem on that machine &, it seems, plenty of others. Disabling it resolved the problem. The laptop didn't have McAfee installed - so it wasn't impacted.
I have added McAfee to Norton in my do not use list!
Rob WilliamsCommented:
>>'I have added McAfee to Norton in my do not use list!"
I haven't had a lot of problems with McAfee but I avoid Symantec at all costs.
As mentioned, good information to have.
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