Task Manager System Cache

Hi all,

My System cache shows the following:

It seems to just keep growing all day long - now it's in the 550MB range...
Could someone help me undertand why this is happening, or if it's a memory leak of some sort?

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KenneniahConnect With a Mentor Commented:
That's not really a bad number. Mine normally sits around 560MB here on my work computer, and it's not anything to worry about.
System cache is where Windows stores recently (but not actively) used information. The size of the system cache is dynamically assigned based on the amount of RAM, and how much RAM running applications need. If an application needs more memory then what is available, Windows will lower the size of the system cache.

As far as it growing, the longer you use your computer, the more files you have accessed. Hence, the system cache will get larger, but again Windows will dynamically adjust this based on current memory needs.

If you are worried about memory leaks, the number to look at is Commit Charge, not System Cache.
younghvConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi seanpowell,
Doesn't system cache grow throughout your session (open different applications)?
I know that some applications put a fence around cached areas so that other apps can't interrupt.

What happens to those numbers if you re-boot.

seanpowellAuthor Commented:
That's quite the explanation Kenneniah - it actually makes sense!
Feel much better now - thanks to you both for replying so quickly :-)

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I made sense??? My friends are never going to believe this!!  :)
seanpowellAuthor Commented:
Let's be honest - there are no friends, are there :-)
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