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Can somebody explain me the difference between C and C# in detail?

Can somebody explain me the difference between C and C# in detail.I am confused with the words.
1 Solution
go to wikipedia and look them up.  The differences are too huge to fit into this little box.

tatikor_143Author Commented:
explain me the basic diferences in few sentences.
The biggest and most notable differences are

C#: object oriented ./. C: not object oriented
C#: interpreted meta-language ./. C: compiled and linked into directly executable code
C# has some different datatypes, the syntax for declaring types such as an array is different.

C# has classes, C does not

C# has many other language structures and flow control keywords and syntax, such as ''foreach' that C lacks

C has a preprocessor, supporting conditional compilation and macros, C# does not

C# is made by MS primarily for the .NET framework, C is not, and is a much older/more mature language.

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