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Posted on 2006-11-08
Last Modified: 2012-06-27
I have an HMTL form with a submit button. I want that submit button to exist and be clickable on an existing image.

The closest thing I can think of for this is to define a <map> that's applied to the image in order to define a clickable region, but how do I get the submit button in there?
Question by:Melvinivitch
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Umm... how about...

<input type="image" src="x.jpg" alt="Submit" />
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ID: 17903957
For that matter, how about (I haven't tried this):

<input type="submit" style="background: url(x.jpg);" />

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ID: 17904061
Use this following example: the example contains the Map tag which drown on the image as the rectengal coordinats
i used it. and it is perfectly  work.
With the Alt tag u can give the submit command as i give the different location name.
[note : you can draw the rect with the x,y coordinates.]
[note :  you can give the onclick command on the map tag and call the javascript function and after in the javascript function you can call the submit method with "window.document.forms[0].submit();"]

<table align=center>
      <td id="tdImage" runat=server width="700px"   >
                <img id="imgHome" src="Images/Home Image.jpg" border=0 height="700" width="700"  runat=server alt="RemoteArea" usemap="#HomePageImage" />            
                                                    <map id ="HomePageImage" name="HomePageImage">
                                                        <area shape ="rect" coords ="310,260,190,235"  href ="level1.aspx?locationid=151" target ="_parent"  alt="CHVista" />
                                                        <area shape ="rect" coords ="620,305,463,280"  href ="level1.aspx?locationid=150" target ="_parent"  alt="ChSchool" />
                                                        <area shape ="rect" coords ="278,430,165,405"  href ="level1.aspx?locationid=152" target ="_parent"  alt="AlEn" />
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Expert Comment

ID: 17904101
Here is one way:
<input type="image" src="x.jpg" onClick="this.form.submit();" />

That has javascript that submits the form when the button (the image) is clicked.
Should work fine for you.

Joe P
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Accepted Solution

BogoJoker earned 400 total points
ID: 17904115
You could even put that javascript on the image, probably they "area" tag.
If you give the form an id like
<form id="theForm" ...>

Then you can submit the form with this javascript on just about any tag:

Just make sure you put that inside the tag for instance:
<area onClick="document.getElementById('theForm').submit();" ... />

Joe P

Author Comment

ID: 17904259
Ok, I implemented the suggestion to use onclick in the area tag, having it call a javascript function which then submitted the form.

That works fine, except that when the user mouses over the area, the cursor does not change to indicate that the mouse is currently over a clickable region, because there's no "href=" in the area tag, as I'm using onclick instead... Is there a fix for this?

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Expert Comment

ID: 17904277
Sure on the same tag add:
style="cursor: pointer;"

So now it would look like:
<area onClick="document.getElementById('theForm').submit();" style="cursor: pointer;" ... />

Author Comment

ID: 17904290
Good suggestion on the cursor property... Unfortunately, it's not working (though I don't see why). Here's my tag now:

<area shape="rect" coords="551,26,625,109" onclick="submitViewCartForm()" style="cursor: pointer" />

It fails in both IE and Firefox.
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Expert Comment

ID: 17904315
Hmmm.  I guess you could externalize the style a little:
<area shape="rect" coords="551,26,625,109" onclick="submitViewCartForm()" class="pointer" />

And in your <head> section add:
<style type="text/css">
.pointer { cursor: pointer; }
.pointer:hover { cursor: pointer; }

If that doesn't work then I'm out of ideas! =)
Joe P

Author Comment

ID: 17904891
Thanks Joe. It still doesn't work in the area tag, but I chopped up my image and put the pieces into a table with no borders, spacing, or padding. I then applied the pointer class to my desired image, and set the onclick javascript on it as well. So I have the complete desired functionality. Thanks.

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