I need help with this program to display an array using a function.

Hi experts,

I need to find out what would be the correct way (command) of calling the showArray function

right after "sortArray();" on main()

so that I can diplay the fifty random integers that were sorted.

Thanks for your help.
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Hi manz2,

Yes you can call showArray after sortArray.
It need not be immediately after sortArray, as long as
a) It is placed after sort array
b) Intervening code does not change the order of elements in the array

> a) It is placed after sort array
I meant ... It is called anytime after sortArray (and not physical code placement)

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manz2Author Commented:
sorry, maybe I did not explain myself correctly

I want to know how would I call it.

I got the function from the book that was used in another

In the book they used:

const in SIZE = 6;
int values[size] = {1,2,3,4,5,6};
showArray (values, SIZE);

How can I adapt that call statement to mine since I had them generated randomly and then sorted.
Random generation does not make any difference to the function ... All that function does is accept an array and display it ... it does not know if the array was sorted, or unordered or randomly generated or read from file!!! ... that is the whole purpose of having functions ... isolate useful functionality

However, in order to display correctly, it needs to know how many elements were there in the array... For this purpose, you might like to pass it an argument which would indicate the size (number of elements) of the array.

You would still call the function as
showArray (my_random_array, num_elements_in_my_array);

manz2Author Commented:

obviously I would put 50 for number of elements, since I have generated 50 radnom integers.
but what number or variable from the program would I put in my_random_array to describe all?

Simply put name of your array!!

the function will receive the address of the first element of the array (a pointer)
manz2Author Commented:
You know what?

I had tried that before I asked you:


but I got an error when compiling, telling me it could not convert from unsigned to int.

So i changed numarray from unsigned to just int at the start of the program and it worked.

That's why I figured I still wasn't doing something right.

But it works now.

Thanks for your patience sunnycoder, I don't mean to sound like an idiot, I'm sure you understand that
as a beginner this stuff can seem mind boggling at times. ;)
Good to know that it is working now ... If you post the attempts you have already made and the errors/problems you faced, I am sure you would receive more precise help. It is an excellent approach to try things and is far more enriching when you find out why somethings work while others dont ... :)
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