i need to save this in the registry -----> EditFlags REG_Binary 00 00 01 00

i need to save this in the registry -----> EditFlags          REG_Binary    00 00 01 00

c# please
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ozymandiasConnect With a Mentor Commented:
RegistryKey rk = Registry.LocalMachine;
                  RegistryKey key = rk.CreateSubKey(@"Software\__MyTestApp");
                  string valuename = "EditFlags";
                  key.SetValue(valuename,new byte[]{00,00,01,00});
You cannot control how the registry will store values that are passed using SWetValue and the registry type is interpreted from the object that is passed as the second argument.
However, an array of bytes will be stored as REG_BINARY.
joshuadavidleeAuthor Commented:
thanks, thats the key required if u have an app associated with a certain file extension and when someone clicks the file in IE it will automatically launch your app without popping up any boxes like save as or anything

like .rm for realplayer etc
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Sorry, is that a question ?
joshuadavidleeAuthor Commented:
nope it worked just fine, i tested it in IE also and it behaved correctly
Oh, Good :)
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