DSN for a VB.net project

Good Morning/Afternoon

Can you all help shed some light on my DSN creation problem?

1)I add a System DSN with the SQL Server driver
2)Use (local) for the server
3)SQL Server Authentication
4)Enter the Logon ID and Password I want to use
5)Hit next and get an error

Connection failed:
SQLState: '42000'
SQL Server Error: 4064
[Micorsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]Cannot open user default database. Logon failed

I am not sure what the error is indicating.  Up to this point there has been no reference to a database in the set-up of the DSN.
What default database is the error referencing?
The database I want to use with the DSN, has a user created with the name that I am using in the Logon ID of the DSN set-up.

I can gladly add more info as needed to help with resolution dialogue.  


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Aneesh RetnakaranConnect With a Mentor Database AdministratorCommented:
Make sure that you have access to the Default database.
Databases->urdatabase -> users
add user
<<Up to this point there has been no reference to a database in the set-up of the DSN>>
maybe thats the answer to the problem, try setting the Initial Catalog to the database you want.
lbsiAuthor Commented:
Where do you set the initial catalog?
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(why did you post in VB NET?)
lbsiAuthor Commented:
Really was not sure where to post this kind of question.  I figured if someone asked what I was trying to do or what kind of application I was
wrtiting then I would be ok here.  I have not deleted or done anything with the default database.  

I have the LogonID set-up as a User for the db I want to get to.  But cannot get past the second screen of the DSN set-up.
what is the default database you have selected on the second screen of DSN setup?
i have posted a pointer question for you in SQL SERVER area, maybe you will get experts from there to respond to this question while we are at it...
Aneesh RetnakaranDatabase AdministratorCommented:
Try to logon using the same username and password into the database using Query analyser
lbsiAuthor Commented:
Ok, appreciate the help.  I cannot get to the default db screen, which is one after the screen where you enter the LogonID and password.
After I enter the LogonID and password I want to use, I hit next and get the logon failed error.  
lbsiAuthor Commented:
I went to the database I need access to and looked at the User properties for the User I am trying to use.
The User name had CRPTS but the Login name above it had <none>.

So, I created a CRPTS2 user and specified the Login name also as CRPTS2.  I was able to create a DSN with the
the CRPTS2 login.    
so its solved?
lbsiAuthor Commented:
Just tried working with the new DSN I created. Now the default database that I selected when I set-up the DSN
is not staying selected.  So, when I  try to use the DSN connection in my Crystal report no tables are shown to
select for the datasource.  Do you guys know why that maybe? Or should I assign the points for getting me this far
and start a new question?
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