Controlling a profile's initial directory when using FTP

A client needs to send us a file via FTP.  How do I force the user profile they will be using to a specific folder on the IFS?  Without changing directories, I think the file will be placed in QGPL.
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daveslaterConnect With a Mentor Commented:
in the command CHGFTPA
you have 2 choices

 Initial directory  . . . . . . .   *CURLIB    or *HOMEDIR

you need to set it to *HOMEDIR  to use the directory in the user profile

Would the HOME DIRECTORY parameter on the user profile work? Haven't used it but I believe that would be where they would start for a directory.
roosterupAuthor Commented:
I thought that too, it didn't work.
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roosterupAuthor Commented:
It is possible to use a cd command and change the directory, but i don't want them to do that.  It would be nice if the dir was already set.  

Limiting their access to just the desired dir would be great.
_b_hConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can use the Change FTP Attributes (CHGFTPA) command to set the default name format and default directory.
If you set 'Initial name format' to *PATH and 'Initial directory' to *HOMEDIR:
then the user's ftp session will start with the home directory from their user profile, BUT this change will apply to all users. You can't have some users default to the QSYS system using *CURLIB and others to *PATH.

You will also need security in place to control their activities. For example, they can change to any directory they are authorized to:
cd mydir  OR cd \qsys.lib\qgpl.lib
or they can execute commands that they are authorized to by using:
quote rcmd endsbs *all *immed

roosterupAuthor Commented:
Thanks daveslater, i will check this out.  

i'm wondering if this would cause problems for others sending us files.  Maybe I'll have to change everyone?  
roosterupAuthor Commented:
If i change the CURDIR to *HOMEDIR, what do i do about those that upload to QSYS?

Could i change the home directory for those that are uploading to the QSYS system to /QSYS.LIB/QGPL.LIB/ ?
They will find the right directory, but will have to use the correct name format to transfer files, so their scripts will have to change

roosterupAuthor Commented:

If you need individual control over the current directory for FTP, you'll need to write an exit program for the FTP server logon exit point, QIBM_QTMF_SVR_LOGON, using format TCPL0200. Not a particularly big deal; an example of a basic FTP exit program written in CL is shown at:

There are examples in C and RPG also. The parent topic gives an overview that mentions the capabilities of the exit point:

The links are for V5R4, but the info has hardly changed for years. All kinds of related info is in topics surrounding it.

Because this can be tailored to check for specific users (or IP addresses, etc.), it won't affect all users -- just the ones that you choose to affect.

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