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Preview image javascript...

hey all, i'm looking for a javascript that can preview images like show on or I want to mouseover and then see a larger image. Thanx all.

1 Solution
You can do this without javascript if you want, check out this site for examples using css.
Pravin AsarPrincipal Systems EngineerCommented:
Here is a

<img src="img1.gif" width="100" onmouseover="this.width=400;" onmouseout="this.width="100">
engineroomAuthor Commented:
which one sodalitas? Thanx
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engineroomAuthor Commented:
Thanx. Have you see the examples i provided? I like the way the images are never off screen, even if you scroll or make your browser short. Any ideas?
engineroomAuthor Commented:
any more guys? Anyone else?
Hi engineroom,

The examples you provided use a script from here:

It is implemented on like this ... HTML:

<IMG SRC="" border=0  border=1 style="border-color: 777777"             
   onmouseover="showtrail(' ','Template 13414',430,419)"

Peace and joy.  mvan


Simple Image Trail script- By
Visit for this script and more
This notice must stay intact

var offsetfrommouse=[15,25]; //image x,y offsets from cursor position in pixels. Enter 0,0 for no offset
var displayduration=0; //duration in seconds image should remain visible. 0 for always.

var defaultimageheight = 40;      // maximum image size.
var defaultimagewidth = 40;      // maximum image size.

var timer;

function gettrailobj(){
if (document.getElementById)
return document.getElementById("preview_div").style

function gettrailobjnostyle(){
if (document.getElementById)
return document.getElementById("preview_div")

function truebody(){
return (!window.opera && document.compatMode && document.compatMode!="BackCompat")? document.documentElement : document.body

function hidetrail(){      
      gettrailobj().display= "none";

function showtrail(imagename,title,width,height){
      i = imagename
      t = title
      w = width
      h = height
      timer = setTimeout("show('"+i+"',t,w,h);",200);
function show(imagename,title,width,height){
    var docwidth=document.all? truebody().scrollLeft+truebody().clientWidth : pageXOffset+window.innerWidth - offsetfrommouse[0]
      var docheight=document.all? Math.min(truebody().scrollHeight, truebody().clientHeight) : Math.min(window.innerHeight)

      if( (navigator.userAgent.indexOf("Konqueror")==-1  || navigator.userAgent.indexOf("Firefox")!=-1 || (navigator.userAgent.indexOf("Opera")==-1 && navigator.appVersion.indexOf("MSIE")!=-1)) && (docwidth>650 && docheight>500)) {
            ( width == 0 ) ? width = defaultimagewidth: '';
            ( height == 0 ) ? height = defaultimageheight: '';
            defaultimageheight = height
            defaultimagewidth = width

            newHTML = '<div class="border_preview" style="width:'+  width +'px;height:'+ height +'px"><div id="loader_container"><div id="loader"><div align="center">Loading template preview...</div><div id="loader_bg"><div id="progress"> </div></div></div></div>';
            newHTML = newHTML + '<h2 class="title_h2">' + ' '+title + '</h2>'
          newHTML = newHTML + '<div class="preview_temp_load"><img onload="javascript:remove_loading();" src="' + imagename + '" border="0"></div>';
            newHTML = newHTML + '</div>';
            if(navigator.userAgent.indexOf("MSIE")!=-1 && navigator.userAgent.indexOf("Opera")==-1 ){
                  newHTML = newHTML+'<iframe src="about:blank" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" width="'+width+'" height="'+height+'"></iframe>';

            gettrailobjnostyle().innerHTML = newHTML;

function followmouse(e){

      var xcoord=offsetfrommouse[0]
      var ycoord=offsetfrommouse[1]

      var docwidth=document.all? truebody().scrollLeft+truebody().clientWidth : pageXOffset+window.innerWidth-15
      var docheight=document.all? Math.min(truebody().scrollHeight, truebody().clientHeight) : Math.min(window.innerHeight)

      if (typeof e != "undefined"){
            if (docwidth - e.pageX < defaultimagewidth + 2*offsetfrommouse[0]){
                  xcoord = e.pageX - xcoord - defaultimagewidth; // Move to the left side of the cursor
            } else {
                  xcoord += e.pageX;
            if (docheight - e.pageY < defaultimageheight + 2*offsetfrommouse[1]){
                  ycoord += e.pageY - Math.max(0,(2*offsetfrommouse[1] + defaultimageheight + e.pageY - docheight - truebody().scrollTop));
            } else {
                  ycoord += e.pageY;

      } else if (typeof window.event != "undefined"){
            if (docwidth - event.clientX < defaultimagewidth + 2*offsetfrommouse[0]){
                  xcoord = event.clientX + truebody().scrollLeft - xcoord - defaultimagewidth; // Move to the left side of the cursor
            } else {
                  xcoord += truebody().scrollLeft+event.clientX
            if (docheight - event.clientY < (defaultimageheight + 2*offsetfrommouse[1])){
                  ycoord += event.clientY + truebody().scrollTop - Math.max(0,(2*offsetfrommouse[1] + defaultimageheight + event.clientY - docheight));
            } else {
                  ycoord += truebody().scrollTop + event.clientY;

engineroomAuthor Commented:
Let me give that a shot and see what happens. Thanx!
engineroomAuthor Commented:
i haven't forgotten, i haven't gotten to this yet, but i will thanx again!
engineroomAuthor Commented:
sorry i let this go. I don't like doing that. Thanx again everyone
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