Change default recording folder XP Media Center Edition...

Does anyone know how to change the default TV recording folder to point to a different local drive?  I haven't installed the OS yet, but will be doing so this afternoon and need to get this answered ASAP.  Thanks!
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MereteConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Look in the record settings of the media recorder.
Recordings are stored as regular files in the Recorded TV folder under Shared Documents just cut them out of here once done.
A. By default, XP MCE 2005 stores all recorded programs in the Documents and Settings\All Users\Documents\Recorded TV folder on the system drive.
Default save location of the Recorded Content
Within MCE, Settings, TV, Recorder, Recorder Storage.
Change the Record on Drive option.
Using this method, the Recorded TV will be stored under the <drive
letter>:\Recorded TV directory.

If you want more control, you can either use TweakMCE or edit the registry
However, make sure that whatever directory you choose, the Local System
Account has permission to write to it, and also add this same directory to
your Watched Folder registry entry, so that MCE will look to that new
location for your recorded tv content (all this is done automatically if you
do it within Media Center as mentioned above).

It's also worth mentioning that recordings you make with Media Center can be backed up to recordable DVD

Full coverage of Media center.

Hope thi shelps you
Regards M


Would it be possible to change the recording directory to a mapped network drive (say like a NAS) so that you could watch the recording from any PC on the same network?  I've tried setting the registry to record to a network drive (drive Z:/ in my case) and whenever I restart MC, the directory is automatically changed back to the default.  I'm thinking this has to do with the settings in the recorder section of MC in which I cannot select a network drive but only a local drive.  Any thoughts on this?  Thanks.
Another thought I had was if I change the appropriate registry keys to \\<network device>\<folder> instead of the mapped drive letter location (i.e. Z:/<folder>/recorded tv).  I will try this.
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knight1fox3 I would not recomend attempting that> recording to a mapped drive, if you want to share your recordings just share the folder of the finalised videos.
Drag it to allocated shared folder.
 If someone were to access the video while in use or attempt to modify it hmm sounds like more problems than you need.
Ok well my thought above did work.  I am now able to record directly to my NAS.

Hi Merete, the laptop that does the recording isn't always on so sharing a folder on that computer wouldn't always be ideal.  Since it is a small home network, there shouldn't be any problems with accessing files during the recording process.  Thanks for the tip.
Hey no probs glad to hear you sorted it too. Thanks for posting back :)
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