Any sample on how to change the DSDISPLAYSPECOPTIONS for ext prop page

The CFSTR_DS_DISPLAY_SPEC_OPTIONS clipboard format provides an HGLOBAL that contains a DSDISPLAYSPECOPTIONS structure. The DSDISPLAYSPECOPTIONS contains configuration data for use by the extension.

I think I need to change the the user, password, server path in this structure for all the adminPropertyPages in the display specifier.  Are there any sample code on how I can do update this?
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>>Are there any sample code on how I can do update this?

That's quite easy to figure out, since this struct ( uses offsetvalues. So, if you have a pointer to it, you can just calculate the value offsets to read the values like


LPWSTR pwszUserName = (LPWSTR)((LPBYTE)pdso + pdso->offsetUserName);
LPWSTR pwszPassword = (LPWSTR)((LPBYTE)pdso + pdso->offsetPassword);
LPWSTR pwszServer = (LPWSTR)((LPBYTE)pdso + pdso->offsetServer);
LPWSTR pwszServerConfigPath = (LPWSTR)((LPBYTE)pdso + pdso->offsetServerConfigPath);

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lapuccaAuthor Commented:
Here is how they get the values, but I need code to "set" the values, Thanks.

HRESULT CPropSheetHost::_GetDSDispSpecOption(FORMATETC *pFormatEtc,
                                             STGMEDIUM *pStgMedium)
    if((m_cfDSDispSpecOptions != pFormatEtc->cfFormat) ||
        !(pFormatEtc->tymed & TYMED_HGLOBAL))
        return DV_E_FORMATETC;
    LPWSTR pwszPrefix = m_pwszPrefix;
    DWORD dwPrefixOffset;

    // Size of the DSDISPLAYSPECOPTIONS structure.
    // Store the offset to the prefix.
    dwPrefixOffset = dwBytes;
    // Length of the prefix Unicode string, including the null terminator.
    dwBytes += (lstrlenW(pwszPrefix) + 1) * sizeof(WCHAR);

    pStgMedium->pUnkForRelease = NULL;
    pStgMedium->tymed = TYMED_HGLOBAL;
    pStgMedium->hGlobal = GlobalAlloc(GPTR, dwBytes);
        DSDISPLAYSPECOPTIONS *pDispSpecOptions = (DSDISPLAYSPECOPTIONS*)GlobalLock(pStgMedium->hGlobal);
            LPWSTR pwszTemp;

            pDispSpecOptions->dwSize = sizeof(DSDISPLAYSPECOPTIONS);
            pDispSpecOptions->dwFlags = 0;
            pDispSpecOptions->offsetAttribPrefix = dwPrefixOffset;
            pDispSpecOptions->offsetUserName = 0;
            pDispSpecOptions->offsetPassword = 0;
            pDispSpecOptions->offsetServer = 0;
            pDispSpecOptions->offsetServerConfigPath = 0;
            // Copy the prefix string.
            pwszTemp = (LPWSTR)((LPBYTE)pDispSpecOptions + dwPrefixOffset);
            lstrcpyW(pwszTemp, pwszPrefix);


            hr = S_OK;

    return hr;
lapuccaAuthor Commented:
Ok, I revser it and here it is.  I think it's correct way to set values

        DSDISPLAYSPECOPTIONS *pDispSpecOptions = (DSDISPLAYSPECOPTIONS*)GlobalLock(pStgMedium->hGlobal);
            //LPWSTR pwszTemp;

            pDispSpecOptions->dwFlags = DSDSOF_HASUSERANDSERVERINFO;
                  wcscpy((LPWSTR)((LPBYTE)pDispSpecOptions + pDispSpecOptions->offsetAttribPrefix), pwszPrefix);
                  wcscpy((LPWSTR)((LPBYTE)pDispSpecOptions + pDispSpecOptions->offsetUserName), m_userID);
                  wcscpy((LPWSTR)((LPBYTE)pDispSpecOptions + pDispSpecOptions->offsetPassword), m_password);
                  wcscpy((LPWSTR)((LPBYTE)pDispSpecOptions + pDispSpecOptions->offsetServer), m_serverName);
                  wcscpy((LPWSTR)((LPBYTE)pDispSpecOptions + pDispSpecOptions->offsetServerConfigPath), m_adPath);
            // Copy the prefix string.
            //pwszTemp = (LPWSTR)((LPBYTE)pDispSpecOptions + dwPrefixOffset);
            //lstrcpyW(pwszTemp, pwszPrefix);


            hr = S_OK;
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If you don't get any errors, it should work. Have you tried running it?
lapuccaAuthor Commented:
Yes, and it compiles OK.  Thank you.  I'm posting another related question.  I would appreciate it if you can take a look too.  Thanks.
Just a caveat - after thinking about thar whole thing, you might run into trouble seeting these values successfully if they are larger than teh previous ones...
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