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Prince Of Persia the two thrones audio problems

I have recently aquired Prince Of Persia The Two thrones

Everything runs fine, excellent graphics at fast frame rate, sound is great but with constant clicking and crackling unpleasant noise.

I tried updating my sound, graphic, chipset driver, and as a last resort I tried updated the bios. Didn't help much

My system specs are
Pentium 4. 2.8GHZ HT, 512mb cache
Gigabyte GA-8IPE1000 Pro-G Rev(3.1)
Sound Blaster Audigy 2 ZS
ATI Raedon 9800 Pro 128MB
2GB DDRAM (400MHZ speed) running at dual channel
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1 Solution
☠ MASQ ☠Commented:
Try running DXDiag and in the Sound tab for the Audigy move the slider down to "Basic Acceleration"
hmm make sure u are not running any background applications ...(ur pc is gr8 but just for checking ) .......can u little bit describe what is this sound like......may be that it is the ingame sound ... ?? increase the sound to full level in obtions .....check ur speakers to since with the sound card u have(sound blaster) , speakers must be trying a little too hard !!
also i have finished the game .............also does sound occurs at special times in the game ?? or it is continuesly heared ??

a_anis3000Author Commented:
Thanks for the driver link magnetic_kisser but I already downloaded a more recent driver

Regarding your questions

I usually close any running application when playing a game. I also did a "run >> msconfig" to uncheck "load up start up items" to investigate if there is any particular application causing the issue. Additionally tried disabling EAX and sound acceleration from game option, none did help

Initially I suspected there were problems with the sound card, however I tried running it with, Doom 3, Gates of Oblivion, Quake 4 in addition to multimedia application such as wimamp media player, none of which have the issue. So far the only games I had this issue with are F.E.A.R (which wasn't often) and currently the game in discussion

So I can safely say its ingame sound problem, rather than hardware one. As for the discription of how the sound looks like, its a quite hard to describe with words, its a constant intermittent distortion, in the form of a popping and skipping noise. Its quite frequent throughout the game except for the movie scenes though. I tried plugging various speakers to the sound card, to varify its not a speaker specific problem as well

I will also try to link and upload an audio recording of the game to give a precise idea how the audio noise looks like tomorrow, since I don't have a connection at home

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☠ MASQ ☠Commented:
Did you try the acceleration setting?  
Despite your comment about it being software based this could be a PCI latency problem.  
What you're describing sounds like "hanging" but will wait to see if you can post a sound clip.

In the meantime see if this sounds familiar: http://www.geocities.com/phileosophos/tech/pcilatency.html

a_anis3000Author Commented:
Hh yes I forgot to mention it, I haven't yet tried the acceleration setting, will do tonight when I get home

As for the sound clip it should be ready by the tomorrow, due to the fact that I don't have interent connection at home and internet cafe is the current means at this time

hey ......ok nice ...

did u tried direct x as Masqueraid said ?? ....well try to lower and higher the sound effect in the game .......just watch one thing ....do the sound start immediately when u start the game ?? ........like on the Ubisoft logo ...?? and then on the starting screen  ?? ......if it started there then i think it must be an installation problem ...might be a file not copied properly...reinstall the game ... (save yr profile first and after reinstalling copy ur sved progress back to the same folder )

try removing ur sound card and then try to run the game ..too .....may be that might be creating problems (well but it should not ) .....

a_anis3000Author Commented:
I tried reducing the sound acceleration. It didn't work, also it disabled EAX altogether which is a major downside

I studied your guide MASQUERAID, I used Powerstrip to tweak the PCI latencies. According to the utility the initial values were

Graphic card: 248
Networkcard: 128
Soundcard: 32

I expreminted with some values firstly

Grahpic 128
Networkcard: 32
Soundcard: 64

It helped a bit but not by very much

Secondly I tried the following values

Graphic: 80
Networkcard: 32
Soundcard: 128

The issue wasn't quiet resolved at least  seems the frequency of the noise has been reduced from a very frequent persistent noise to occasional

Perhaps I need to increase the soundcard latency to 248 to completely get rid of the noise on the other hand beyond 128 would be too high and create system instability. Isn't it? Please advise

Here is a more detailed information regaring my system specification. I used Everest Ultimate Edition to generate the reports, they are all in html format.

System Summary

Hardware Configuration

Software Configuration

Unfortunately I couldn't upload the sound clip I previously mentioned due to connection difficulties, hopefully by tomorrow.



☠ MASQ ☠Commented:
Your right about system instability if you take the soundcard latency up much further but you could simply return the settings using Powerstrip once you have seen if the problem is solved.

Also worth looking at the graphics card system use.  Switching off vSync will give the audio higher priority and sometimes even updating Logitec mouse drivers  can (bizarrely) improve sound performance for the same reason.

a_anis3000Author Commented:
vSync is already. I tried updatig the Logitec mouse driver by installing the latest mouseware


Suprisingly it made things worse. Interestingly it returned the issue exactly the way it was before. I ended up unistalling the driver and using system restore to revert back
☠ MASQ ☠Commented:
Interesting ... Will the mouse work with just the standard M$ drivers if you uninstall Logitec mouseware completely?
a_anis3000Author Commented:
Thats correct, I used the standard windows driver

so ur sound problem is not solved yet ...are u able to check the game on some other PC ? .........i doubt there might be a CD problem with this ...

one more thing ...what abt a fresh install of the game ?? may be some files didnot copy up in ur harddisk .....songs in ur PC are playing right or they are also creating such a problem??
a_anis3000Author Commented:
UPdate: sorry about the abscence as I have been away on a vacation for around a week hence away from home

Today I conduct a series of tweaks based on MASQUERAID's guide. I disabled all unecessary and unused hardware, ports...some of which from bios and the rest from windows device manager, to free up IRQ resources minimizing sharing/conflicts ensuring that the Sata hardrive controller (into which the HD containing the game reside), audio card and graphic cards are no longer sharing any IRQs

Also, I raised the PCI latencey for my audio card as such
Graphic: 128
Networkcard: not applicable since I disabled it
Soundcard: 160
I difragmented the Harddrives and once again made sure no running application was active in the background (including virus scanners)

After testing the game, even thought the issue hasn't been resolved, the audio glitches seems to have been reduced to quite an acceptable level now, whenever it occurs I can always restart the game. Still if possible rather that noise is permanently resolved, restarting the game whenever the noise occurs is quite a hassle since the game only save at particular save points many if which are distrubate too far apart

I am not sure if I could raise the PCI latency for the audio card any further, since this could be counter beneficial, as far as at most sound cards should not be cofigured more than 160, high latency values should be typically assigned to graphic cards

I reinstalled the game Magnetic_kisser. Didn't have any effect, beside I always do a full installation, the only time the game disc is accesses is during the copy protection verification, which only occurs when you lauch the game

If the DVD were defective I doubt it would install in the first place

The only other thought I have left now is the audio card could be defective, however the rest of the games including resources consuming games (such as oblivion, doom 3, Quake 4..etc), all games are fine, the only time I ever had such problems beside POP3 is F.E.A.R, but its mostly at the menu screen, and the game was shipped with several issues that it had up to around 6 patches (1.08 is the latest one atm 500mb).

a_anis3000Author Commented:
well finally after several attempts I was able to upload the vidoe clip (along with the sound clip) to demonstrate the sound problem I am expriencing. I apologize for the long delay and for taking so long, the internet cafe I have been accessing has been so slow in terms of upload and download speed for a while due to techincal difficulties.

Here it is


I took the video clip using fraps. Xvid required in order to view the clip
☠ MASQ ☠Commented:
Sorry we never got a satisfactory solution to this one.  If at sometime in the future you get the chance to put a different soundcard in - even if you've just borrowed one - please post to see if it's simply the combination of hardware that POP is struggling with.  My gut feeling is it is still an issue with the Audigy and the motherboard (& I guess the programmers can't cover all possible combinations of hardware) & it would be good for other people who get this problem if you can get an update here.

If the question is closed and you want to post more info just email me (see profile) & I'll get your comments added.


M :o)
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