File and Print Sharing enabled on your network

I have 120 PCs on AD. They are behind a firewall and then each PC has its own firewall. I would like to open port 135 on the firewall and enable File and Print Sharing on each computer so I can run maintenance scripts with PSTools. Do you guys think it is a bad idea to have File and Print Sharing enabled on your network?
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deaditeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I assume you will control the XP workstation firewalls using AD group policy.  When you do this,  you are given the option to add your local subnet to the allow only list.  Make sure you do this rather than saying any IP can get to those ports.

Please note, as earlier said, do not allow port 135 and Print and file sharing through your external firewall onto your servers or workstations.

I would also suggest you check your open ports and security using some kind of network scanners like Nessus nmap and MBSA:

Nessus will tell you open ports and known vulnerabilities
nmap will give more info than you'll prob ever need
MBSA is good to check for missing patches, user pw's, etc

PowerITConnect With a Mentor Commented:
No that's not a bad idea, as long as you don't open it on your external firewall.
OK, there is some malware making use of shares, but limiting an important functionality just because of this?
Not using File and Print Sharing in a network, to me is like saying: lets turn of all computers to prevent malware. I'm exagerating but you get the idea.
You probably have file and print sharing on your servers. So what's the difference?
You should prevent from getting the malware in the first place by following best practices.


It's an awful idea to open port 135 on your external firewall it is very bad for security and performance won't be good neither. If you want to do something like that maybe you can turn on terminal services (remote desktop) in a pc inside your network (if you can move the port of terminal services to a high one better) and then you can run the scripts from there.
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caldwels1895Author Commented:
I'm sorry I’m sorry I should have explained it better. I want to open the port on the computer not the external firewall.
That's what I assumed in my response :-)

mahe2000Connect With a Mentor Commented:
opening 135 could help some worms, if you really need it, may be you can open that port to be accessed from just one single computer (the ones that starts scripts) and be sure to have it clean.
a good antivirus policy (configuration, update, ...... ) will help you.
ViRoyConnect With a Mentor Commented:

Opening those ports internally should not cause any trouble. It will cause alot of discovery frames to be broadcast so you really should enable WINS to avoid that.
Other than that, if you are using virus scans and good security practices... you will not face any problems.
I have this same setup at our office and map everyone via logon profile to a public share that has company data/forms available.
caldwels1895Author Commented:
Thanks All!
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