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I just installed a new Win 2003 server, with Exchange 2003 and IIS.  I copied my web site from old server to new one and set it up the same, as far as I can tell.   All mailboxes from the old exchange server were moved to the new server yesterday, with no problems.   However, when I try to access OWA, it tells me the webpage can not be found.

Am trying using in-house intra net.  Have tried using following:   - fails                    - fails - logs me in and shows and incompleted page....missing stuff, does not look correct
                                     IE shows a lot less than Firefox

Server has 2  - 1GB LAN connections into a LINKSYS GB network switch, which connects into a single GB port on an HP PRO CURVE Switch........

In DNS have configured as
This is a domain controller and global catalog server
This is a DNS server.

If I try OWA to the old exchange server, it logs me in, but does not show anything.

Please advise.  Thanks.
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You can't just copy the OWA website across to another computer - you'll need to reinstall it from the exchange cd.


Changed the new server web site to point to, so now
will log me in but it gets a really funky display.  No list of folders, just a bunch of boxes and the words INBOX,  FOLDERS
and LOADING......

Like it is starting to load but quits  and then leaves an incomplete page......

So to recap....I am getting something now, but it is not correct....that is with IE.
With FireFox, I am getting a list of email in the INBOX, but it is not right either....if I try to click on an INBOX
             entry, it fails with Bad Request (Invalid Hostname)
reinstall owa

bigphuckinglizard is correct OWA is not a website as such, just an intercept dll that accesses exchange. You must reinstall OWA on new server, should also remove from old server, since this no longer has any mailboxes.
Was the old server the same version of Exchange as the new one?  If not, then you should not have copied your web site from the old server to the new one.  It wasn't necessary, anyway, unless you had some customizations to the old site that you wanted to preserve.  In any case, if the versions were different, it's highly unlikely that the older version would work with Exchange 2003.  The Exchange installation installs OWA by default, so by copying you overwrote the correct version with a different one.  I concur with the previous post - put your Exchange 2003 CD back in the new server and reinstall OWA.

Hope this helps!


Let me clarify.......

I copied the folder C:\INETPUT\WEBSITE from old server to new server.
Then changed the Default Web Site to point to the new directory.

C:\INETPUB\WEBSITE is our web site.  Contains HTML and images and CSS.  As far as OWA is concerned I did not copy anything specific for it.

Both servers exactly same software versions and corrections.


OK....on old server, which is still the real web site, I changed the EXCHANGE properties to point to the new servers BACKOFFICE and still does not work.  I have checked the settings between servers and can not find the culprit.  May be an IIS problem, since that does not work correctly either on this wants a password for anonymous users....have question out on it also....

Re anonymous user - This can be edited in "Directory Security" on web site properties.

Other problems may be partly security settings, User that IIS service runs under needs full access to all Exchange Directories, normally this would default to local system account, so would not be a problem if Exchange, and IIS on same server, but will prevent remote access to Exchange from another server. If your IIS service is not running under local system account make sure that account used has full access to Exchange.


OK - Update....

I moved all the mailboxes back to the old server.  Uninstalled Exchange 2003, and IIS.  Re-installed Exchange 2003 + service pack + corrections.  Moved 1 test user to new exchange server.  

The website itself now works correctly, there was a sync problem with the IUSR_ and IWAM_  accounts and IIS.
Now back to the original problem of OWA not working......

I have 2 LAN connections.....set up one dedicated to IIS - - ok. works fine.  
I go to ---- enter my userid (which is still on old server) and connects to
old server and I have to log onto the old server as have to enter userid and password twice.....

Then I tried the one test user whose mailbox has been moved over to the new server......

Got it to work successfully for test user.  Now this was all done inhouse.....the real test will be from outside the local network.......more later as I get this set up and tested......
Double entry of logon is normal if connect to OWA on server other than one account is located on - at least I never found any way of avoiding it.


Ok here is the update and I need an answer.......

First a little refresher.....

1) OLD Server (1730wexchgweb) and NEW (1730wexchgiis) Server both open for port 25 on firewall
   (by their IP address).      Both open for port 80, also.

2) OLD Server has all email accounts but 1 test account.  NEW server has 1 test account.

3) Each Exchange System Manager (for both servers) has the SMTP Virtual Server configured with same
    External DNS servers (2 in house local servers).  These 2 local DNS servers have forwarders to real external
    DNS servers from our ISP.
When I went outside the firewall and tried here is what happenend:

1) Tried OWA for 1 test account on new server - works
2) Tried OWA for regular account on old server - fails, says not found
3) Disabled firewall port 25 and 80 for new server, old server still open
4) Tried OWA for 1 test account on new server - fails, says not found
5) Tried OWA for regular account on old server - works

Seems I can not have port 25 (maybe 80 also) enabled for new server and old server, because it then can not find the old server, which is alphabetically after the new server.

I also have DSN MX records for both servers.  OLD server priority 0, new server priority 9.

I would like to have both servers be able to service OWA for awhile, until I am able to get all the mailboxes moved from old server to new server.....what must I do to allow both to handle OWA.  Please advise.  Thanks.


also when I diasable old server in firewall, the 1 test account works and regular accouts do not....same as item #1 & #2.

some sort of DNS problem?????
What is happening is you are connecting to OWA on one of the servers.  If the mailbox is located on that server it will work.  If the mailbox is on the other server, it redirects you to that server via its internal FQDN which will not work.  You will either need to use a Front-End server for this.  This will allow you access mailboxes on any backend server and only authenticate once.  Or as suggested in your other open question, you can port forward different ports to each exchange server and have users access the correct one depending on where their mailbox is. -- one mailbox server -- another mailbox server.

The front end / back end solution will work the best and be the most scaleable.
MX records have nothing to do with OWA also.  They are simply for incoming SMTP traffic.  

Sorry had a bout of Flu, and just picking up again.

Information from Mathew L is good, there are only two ways to avoid double login to second exchange server.

1) deploy front end server as described in article above - Expensive though.

2) provide seperate external IP and DNS for second server so that users can access directly - users will need to know which server their mailbox is on, so that they can access correct server - this is route we have taken, works OK as long as you don't move mailboxes very often. - Access is always available through other server, just with multiple login requirement.
Solution 2 will still not work.  When Exchange redirects you to the appropriate mailbox it does so with it's internal FQDN, so you still will not get redirected externally.  You would have to have two external IP's for your exchange servers, say and and tell users which one they should use.  You would be better off spending the money now and getting another exchange server and use as a front end.

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