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I have created a personal folder to reduce the size of my mailbox in the exchange info store.  Is there a way to drag an email from my inbox into the personal folder and have the attachment stripped from the email.  I want to reduce the storage size of the .pst.

Also I am storing the .pst file on a server, so that it can be backed up.  I am planning on implementing this policy throughout the comany.  Does anyone have any opinions or experience store .pst's on a server?  I hear it can be flaky.

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Servers store .pst files just fine in my opinion.  I would suggest you keep your pst files to a reasonable size - say 5GB maximum.

Also, there is an add-on for Outlook I have heard of:


no experience with it put it sounds like just what you are looking for plus extras.
Hello  QDS!

Micro$oft does not support the usage of .PST files over a network.  The reason is that latency/network issues can (and will!!!) corrupt the file.  Keep in mind that .PSTs are nothing more that a database file.  Also, since .PSTs are database files, folks who fail to close Outlook at night will be leaving their .PST file open.  Most backup solutions do not like "open" database files but in particularly will fail when encountering and open .PST.  Again, another reason why Micro$oft does not support this usage.  And, allthough Micro$oft has stated the maximum for Outlook .PSTs to be 20GB, it makes absolutley no sense whatsoever to store all of your eggs in one basket.  We have a policy here where critical email files "MUST" be broken up.  Each employee creates a new .PST every quarter.  This way the most you'd ever lose is 3 months worth of email.  There are far too many very valid reasons why you should not work with .PST files over a network and why Micro$oft does not support it.  But, if you have to do it, put some planning into it's management...and some testing.

Or, what sounds like a logical scheme could end up being an ugly baby!

Just my experience,


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AndreDekolta is correct about Microsoft not supporting a PST file on a network share.  Yes, it is possible, but it's also possible to shut your computer down simply by turning off the power.  It's not a good idea though.  You may do it 100 times and never experience a problem and then on the 101st time find that your system is damaged.  It's simply not a good idea.  If you're only putting the PSTs on the network to back them up, then install and use Microsoft's PST backup utility (http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?displaylang=en&familyid=8B081F3A-B7D0-4B16-B8AF-5A6322F4FD01).  As to detaching and saving attachments to the file system, I can provide a script for doing that if you're interested.



I would like that everyone who has posted a comment to this controversial topic.  I have been storing the .pst file on the network and backing them for a couple of months now.  The only issue is personnel leaving their PC's on over night, which causes an issue when attempting to back up the file.  I will also agree that this may not be the most optimal solution for the operation, but it is doing the job.  I do have an interest in the backup utility posted by BlueDevilFan.  I will have to put some thought into how it can be implemented into production.  The emails being backed up are critical to the users.  Having them remember to leave thier pc's on everynight may not be a good practice.  I am interested in the script that you can offer!!! Isnt there some type of rule that can be set in outlook??

Thanks Again!!!

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