Resize Partition from dos command line

I am looking for a tool that can resize a NTFS partition from DOS.
I need to be able to script this so this can be done in an automated process.
I would also prefer this be a free tool if possible.

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Gary CaseConnect With a Mentor RetiredCommented:
Not from DOS ... and not from a script ... but Boot-It NG does boot to its own environment; and does a perfect job of resizing a partition.   The free demo version will let you give it a try (
you may want
it works on linux
it is based on
so you may use this, maybe you can get it to work on cygwin, so it would work on DOS. but no garantee
You can use "diskpart" utility from command prompt
it is free in windows xp
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jakewellsAuthor Commented:
Diskpart almost works, it has the ability to extend, but I need to shrink the partition.
as far as i know dos doesn't support NTFS partitions, amn't i right?
wrong, at least it depend on the dos, you can load a ntfs module, dos 3.1 maybe doesnt support dll for file systems.
also you can try to use disk director, there is an some kind of boot disk, from it you can manage all partitions.
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