Blackberry Enterpise Server - Email Not Sycnhing properly in inbox

We recently upgraded to BES.  I'm having trouble with email synchronization and the BB documentation is just next to worthless.

Success for this question is finding the setting to let rules and synch work seamlessly.

SBS 2003, Exchange 2003, service packs current.
BES 4.1
Windows XP desktops
Outlook Email Client
Blackberry 8700C (2 ea) PDA Devices.

1. Synchronization happens to quickly.  This causes spam to replicate to the blackberry which necessitates a "synch now" to clear it.

2. I have many rules running on my mailbox at the client and server level. They process a variety of email that we get from vendors and systems.  I probably get 200 emails a day and only 40 of them require me to read them.  The other 160 are some combination of status updates for orders, confirmations, faxes, system messages, etc.  I have rules setup to move these to the right folders, forward them when appropriate, or just flat delete them.  The problem is that they get replicated out to my blackberry before the rule on the client "gets" them.  They do get moved to the right folder (usually), but after they are moved they "stay" on the BB.  This is really frustrating because I have 160 msgs/day of clutter on my PDA.  

3. Sometimes the rules quit running.  I suspect that a conflict between BES and Outlook is occuring and outlook "gives up".

Desired Solution:
- Allow spam service to police spam prior to the BES push of the email to the client.
- Allow outlook client rules a "breather" to run before BES Push.

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Gary CutriConnect With a Mentor Data & Communications SpecialistCommented:
If an email is moved from the inbox to a public folder the BE will not be able to track that email hence the changes aren't applied to the device.  As another example if you delete an email and empty the recycle bin before the device has a change to reconcile the BES will loose track of that email and it won't be removed from the device.  

With all the spam filter I use on Exchange they prevent the spam email from hitting the exchange server so there is never an issue with the device receiving filter spam.  You can add a blacklist to exchange so you ensure the spam never reaches the server.  I normally use the free list from

When you set rules to automatically move email ensure that the folder you are moving them too is a sub folder of the inbox otherwise the BES can't track the email and hence can't reconcile the changes to the handheld.

I would put the rules in the BB Desktop manager rather than anywhere else since you want to decide what hits the BB device.

Since mail is delivered quickly , I think that is your only option at this point.

Maybe someone else will have a better idea.

I hope this helps !
NTJOCKAuthor Commented:
This isnt' really the right answer.  BB desktop is only used when you *aren't* running BES.
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That's pretty much what I thought.

Thanks Gary.

NTJOCKAuthor Commented:
I think you  may have completely misunderstood.

We're running Blackberry Enterprise Server.  the Desktop manager shouldn't enter into the equation.  All email redirection is handled at the Exchange Server.

We run a service on the exchange server that analyzes the email to determine if it's spam.  If it is it gets moved to the users' deleted folder.

Several of us also use Outlook Rules to manage email.

Spam and management of emails works fine.  Mail leaves the inbox and goes where it should.

The problem is that BES grabs the mail and pushes it before the spam service finishes (under 500 ms) and before the outlook client has a chance to deal with rules.

In any event, if I move a message from my inbox to some folder I expect the BB to synch the change that the message is no longer in my inbox.

The issue is that the BB isn't showing the message as no longer in the inbox.  The messages seem to be "stuck" on the PDA.

Ideally the BB should reflect the exchange mailbox.  So whatever has been removed from the inbox should be removed from the BB inbox.  This is what is not happening.  I have combed the settings and can't find anything that looks like it would relate to this.  It happens on both of our blackberries (so far 2 are rolled out) so it's not client specific.  This means it has to do with the server not synching changes on the inbox.

Interestingly, deleted messages are handled fine.  It's messages that get moved from the inbox to say a public folder that it's lost on.
NTJOCKAuthor Commented:
ugh.  I can't believe it doesn't realize a message left the Inbox for public folders.

We use cloudmark spamnet.  It's good except it analyzes it as it hits the inbox.  I'll investigate the list.  Is there a way to automate the maintenance of the blacklist?  And is it reliable?  The last thing I want is to block customer emails.

The rules that are affected involve public folders.  I guess it's time for me to look into an email address that goes right to a couple of different public folders.  I recall somewhere that it can be done.

Any insight as to why BE can't track objects leaving the mailbox?  Seems fairly straight forward to note that the message has left the inbox.  If BE is storing the message Id in SQL it should have a bunch of messages that "vanished" and are supposed to be in the inbox but not really there.
NTJOCKAuthor Commented:
I contacted Cloudmark and there is a fix for this.

Apparently BES supports a registry entry called ProcessMailDelay

Details are here

It may not be supported by the latest rendition of BES with all service packs.

It's obviously not deemed important enough to be brought forward to the interface.  Hmmmm stupid stupid.

While I appreciate the intent in answering questions I don't feel that any of the answers actually met the question.

1) referenced the wrong technology (Desktop vs BES)
2) Said it simply couldn't be done.

That said I'm going to give a partial award to the second answerer because you did seem to have knowledge of how BES works and you were helpful even though you didn't answer the question.  
The Desktop Redirector is used if you don't have a BES. The BB Desktop Manager is used client-side with a BES environment. In the BB Desktop Manager, you can choose filters for which emails should and shouldn't be delivered to the BB.
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