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Windows 2003 Security Disabling

This is my first experience with setting up a server with Windows 2003 instead of
Windows 2000 Server ...

I asked in a earlier question which should I do ... 2000 or 2003 and the answers were
all 2003 ...

The install was almost exactly the same as 2000 and I have all the updates installed ...

Now the problem ...

I just tried to install a program on the server and it installed but will not run because
apparently 2003 does not allow the program to register its components ...

Am I to expect this issue for all programs I must install on the server ?

I looked in security policies for some type of settings that would allow me to have
no issues installing programs and then reset back once everything is done ?

I understand the need for security and such and commend systems that are designed
to protect, but this is simply BS if it is going to be an issue ...

This client is running a simple workgroup and will not use a domain as well ...

Please tell me how I can disable some security while I set this server up ...

I have a positive reply when I wake up ...
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2 Solutions
Not all programs. I have banch of programs that are running on 2003 without problems; but typically you will run servers services that will be serving many clients such as files server for shares, webserver IIS or others.
So you can either check the software application web or their tech support for requirement, but basically anything that runs on xp should be able to run on win2k3 without problems. or post back and tell us what it is, we might be able to provide feedback.
it also might be problem with installation or a currpet file.

>> Please tell me how I can disable some security while I set this server up
I am not sure what you ment.
Do you want some guidlines for securing the 2003 box?
if so then:
- make sure you disable unneeded services
- make sure you have strong passwords
- audit login accounts and some other activities depend on your services running.
- be up to date
- enable software firewall and make sure it is behind hardware firewall
- install only needed programs
- open only needed ports

see alsow: 

hope this helps!
I don't know what program you are trying to load, but some install wizzards can trigger the DEP that comes with 2003 server leaving a portion of the program not installed.  Try disabling DEP (Data Execution Prevention) then run your install wizzard.  Another possibility, is that the wizzard installed correctly, but DEP won't let the program launcher executable file run.  If this is the case, you can add it to the list of allowed programs in DEP.

By the way, I have only seen DEP stop an application a few times.  Most well known apps are allowed by DEP.
AEIIAuthor Commented:
I will try the suggestions above with DEP

The main issue is that I am installing very specific industry software
not common programs ... all programs will be industry programs. There
will be 5 - 7 applications that I am sure Microsoft has not "approved" or
tested ...

I will install some basics like Winzip, Acrobat Reader, Windows Defender,
and AVG Antivirus as well ...
Then you need to check with the software support. Most of them have website and have instructions and/or installation manauls that usually address these problems.

- installing other programs:
 --- you don't need winzip you can use the basic funtion built to windows xp and later including 2003 to unzip files and folders.
--- windows defender should be installed with the automatic updates i think
-- You should however install a good anti-virus immidaitly if you haven't especially if it is online already.

hope this helps!
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