Good user-interface HTML tabs

Hi, we are searching for good user-interface HTML tabs, do someone know a link(s) that we can find html tab.

I found this tab but it's bad user-interface:
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VoteyDiscipleConnect With a Mentor Commented:
So you said, but that really doesn't narrow it down.  Those tabs, in fact, would make a perfectly good user interface in any number of projects I've done (presumably with a change of color scheme), and would have made a downright horrid UI in others.

I understand that you dislike what you see there, but without knowing WHY (that is, what about it you dislike) it's hard to come up with a specific suggestion.

Google finds, for example, this page ( ) that gives a more 3D effect, or this one ( ) which gives a good example of building a secondary menu underneath the tabs.  Two diverging approaches, but both still resulting in a perfectly decent interface.
It might help to know what about that example you dislike.
Abdu_AllahAuthor Commented:
I am looking a GOOD USER INTERFACE tab
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Abdu_AllahAuthor Commented:
Excuse me! are you pointing me to HTML tutorial!
Abdu Allah,

The example you have provided seems to be a good UI 'Concept' based on the layout of the site.  There are some problems with the code to make them function better, but the overall design is okay.  Can you tell me what types of function or design it is giving that you can't use and maybe I can point you into a better direction than the example that you provided.

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