Timage Clicking Problem

I have a timage. I will be useing differnt images in it with each part numbered. See Links Below.
http://www.grantfullen.com/Front Bumper.bmp
Problem is I need to click on each number in the image. Other problem is i will be adding differnt pictrures in the timage with differnt parts and numbers.
Question. How can I load a differnt image in a timage and click on each of the differnt numbers in the images links above.
Grant FullenAsked:
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Marv-inConnect With a Mentor Commented:
im vb.net you can load the images into a picture box then you could use some xml to track you image mappings for each image. If you have alot of image it might be good to make you own selection imterface to build the xml
Grant FullenAuthor Commented:
I forgot to poat this in Delphi. Thanks for your input but I am useing Delphi 7.
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