opening a javascript link in php -again

Thanks for solving my other post. I managed to solve all the other one except this one

echo ('<a  href="#"
return false \" >$thisMonth</a>');

This doesn't open, but again I cannot see where I have gone wrong. Everything looks escaped and sorted. Thanks,

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can you try this one?
I tested it and it worked:

$text = "<a href='#' onclick=\"'news/old_news_list.php?month=".$j."&year=".$i."','','width=700,height=500'); return false \">".$thisMonth."</a>";
echo $text;
Guy Hengel [angelIII / a3]Billing EngineerCommented:
the problem is that the variables $j, $i, and $thisMonth do not get replaced by their values, because you used ' for the string.
the following might work better:

echo ("<a  href=\"#\"
return false \" >$thisMonth</a>");
What about using something like this:

$winopen = "'news/old_news_list.php?month=$j&amp;year=$i','',''width=700,height=500);return false;"
echo '<a href=""#" onclick="'.$winOpen.'">'.$thisMonth.'</a>';

Because you where using single quotes, you must notice that your $j, $i and $thisMonth will not be replaced automatically.This will  only happen when using double quotes.

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roscoeh23Author Commented:
I noticed the mistake $winOpen and $winopen. That looked like it was going to work bur neither do the job.

They both do not open the javascript window which suggests a stntax error or the variable is not getting passed in Roonaan's example.



Can you do view source from your browser and show us a relevant snippet?

roscoeh23Author Commented:
this is with your version of the code

      // Output required months
      for ($j = $monMax; $j >= $monMin; $j--) {
            // Disp month
            $thisMonth = monthname($j);
/*      echo("\t\t\t\t<a href=\"news/old_news_list.php?month=$j&amp;year=".$i."\">$thisMonth</a><br />");*/ - THIS IS THE OLD LINE THAT WORKS BUT IT ONLY OPENS IN A BLANK PAGE NOT A POPUP

$winopen = "'news/old_news_list.php?month=$j&amp;year=$i','',''width=700,height=500');return false;";
echo '<a href=""#" onclick="'.$winopen.'">'.$thisMonth.'</a>';
      echo "<br />";
            // If not last do a linebreak
            //if ($j != $monMin) { echo("<br />\n"); }
      // Finish this year
      echo "\t\t\t</td>\n\t\t\n";

echo "\t</tr>\n</table>";

// Clean up
mysql_free_result($result) or die('Free result failed');
roscoeh23Author Commented:
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