upgrade the baystack 5510-48T switch firmvare and software versions


i need to upgrade the baystack 5510-48T nortel switch firmvare and software versions.

how can i do it?

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pseudocyberConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Eh, no.  We pay a lot to have Nortel maintenance.  Probably against the EULA.  And we don't have 5510's anyway, so I wouldn't have access to the firmware (they don't do it like Cisco).  You wanted to know HOW to do it ...
I work with Nortel and Baystack(Nortel) switches - but not that one.

Generally, you download the firmware from Nortel and TFTP it to the switch.  You normally upgrade the boot firmware first, then the runtime firmware.
ronenilanaAuthor Commented:


can you send me please the link to file that upgrade the version to

thank you very much.
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