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I have 1 server running win2003 enterprise R2 and the server role is dhcp server ( lan ) and domain controller with dns all those are installed and running on domain eg. example.nl

It also has RRAS installed the second nic is called wan and nic 1 is public ...

The server itself has 2 nics and 1 nic is for the local lan netwerk and 1 nic is connected to a router which dhcp serves to connect to the internet ...

Before installing Active Directory and dhcp I used nic 2 to test the connection to the internet and it worked ...

Now the idiot part is that when I do a ping to www.teubus.nl the response is

pinging to www.teubus.nl [] and then 4 times no reply but i should reply ...

Can someone tell me what I did wrong


Ronald BusterOwnerAsked:
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Rob WilliamsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Is this a working/production server? If not you might want to back up a little, and un-install Active directory, DNS and  DHCP, and then re-install.
If you are behind a router there is no need to use 2 network adapters, but you can if you wish. When choosing subnets choose less common ones, i.e. avoid 192.168.0.x, 192.168.1.x, 192.168.2.x, 192.168.100.x, 192.168.111.x, 10.0.0.x  This will avoid some possible problems with other services at a latter date. If you choose to use 2 network adapters the WAN adapter will either be configured with your public IP, assigned by your ISP, or if behind a router it will have a private IP and it's subnet should be different that that of the LAN. Assign a gateway only to the WAN network card if there are 2. (this may be your problem above).
Then re-install DHCP, bound to the local/LAN adapter. Finally re-install Active Directory using the teubus.local domain name. During the install it will prompt you to install DNS. DNS should be configured with the server and any workstations, pointing to your internal DNS server and the ISP's DNS IP only listed as a forwarder in the DNS management console. The configuration wizard will prompt you for this.
Personally if you have a router/firewall I would just use the one network adapter to keep things simple.
Rob WilliamsCommented:
Installing active directory installs/reconfigures DNS.
Any chance it is a DNS issue ?  Try pinging the IP to see if you get a reply ping  or try connecting to   (Google)
Do the above from the server for now, rather than a workstation.

If those work you need to add the ISP's DNS settings under forwarders in the DNS management console. This should be done as well as the server should point only to itself for DNS and the workstations should only point to your internal DNS (active directory) server.

If the above now works from the server but not the workstations you may need to re-configure RRAS which controls the routing between the 2 network adapter.
Ronald BusterOwnerAuthor Commented:
The problem is that I was testing from the server ... I hadn't had the change to try it from a workstation

After installing active directory the internet connection was gone ...

Tried internet explorer with http://www.google.com or both isn't working ...

The dns forwarder is the one from the router because this one provides ISP's dns ...

Free Tool: Port Scanner

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Rob WilliamsCommented:
>>"The dns forwarder is the one from the router because this one provides ISP's dns ..."
Should really change that but shouldn't be affecting

Can you ping the router's IP.
If not can you ping the server's own WAN IP?
Ronald BusterOwnerAuthor Commented:
Can the problems arrise because the servers DHCP server ( LAN ) is binded to the second nic ( router dhcp ).

Ronald BusterOwnerAuthor Commented:
Also I used the name teubus.nl as domain name when installing Active Directory could that ben the problem ?
Rob WilliamsCommented:
>>"Can the problems arrise because the servers DHCP server ( LAN ) is binded to the second nic ( router dhcp )."
Shouldn't, but you want the server DHCP service on the LAN side/NIC.
Looking at the next part of your question I assume www.teubus.nl wasn't an example but rather the only domain you cannot ping. I assume pinging of the router and other domains is fine?

>>"Also I used the name teubus.nl as domain name when installing Active Directory could that ben the problem ?"
That can be a problem. Though you can get around that, the Microsoft recommended procedure is to name your internal domain something like teubus.local
If the site is hosted externally try adding a host record to DNS pointing www.teubus.nl  to the external IP in the DNS management console under your domain.
Ronald BusterOwnerAuthor Commented:
if the domain name teubus.nl as domain name when installing active directory can be a problem ... How can I fix this reinstalling Active Directory ( quickest method ? ), I did not use teubus.local

but the strange thing is that dhcp lan is working correctly ...

However I cannot use the internet ( nic 2 : router ) connection on the server trying to browse to site www.google.com or else not only www.teubus.nl ...

Trying to ping www.teubus.nl or any other site resolves only

pinging www.teubus.nl []

no reply
no reply
no reply
no reply

etc etc

It is making me nuts ...

Rob WilliamsCommented:
Thanks Ronald,
Cheers !
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