Logitech keyboard G15 and \ (backslash]

I have custemer with a Logitech G15 keyboard, and when he use danish as default language input, the key \ does not work. When he switch to english USA as default input language, the key \works fine. Its only \ there is a problem, the ' works fine in both case.

Any ideas.

TIA Allan
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MarkConnect With a Mentor Commented:
There is no key mapped for the \ key in the danish layout.
However the / key  on many European keyboard layouts, such as Danish, Finnish, German and Italian, this key will appear as SHIFT+7 in the shift state.
allandanielsenAuthor Commented:
On other keybords there is a key, Alt Gr, and with this i can get \ with Danish layout
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allandanielsenAuthor Commented:
I have all redy tryed that, but i cant assign the \, not even with the English layout. Have tryed to type in alt+92, but nothing helps, it will not accept \.
The only reference I've seen is the ALT-GR +  macro key on the Danish keyboard.
allandanielsenAuthor Commented:
My guess is there is nothing to do about it.
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