How to run Delphi program with arguments from a pdf document?

I made a .pdf document with several links to my delphi program. The problem is, that each of these links requires different action from my program. So, I am wandering is there any way to run my program with some arguments (integer, string or some other data type) which will help my program to know what to do. And how to run that program with arguments from link?

Is this posibble?

Thank you.
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Eddie ShipmanConnect With a Mentor All-around developerCommented:
In the PDF, you can use Adobe's javascript to do that. You have to have the full Acrobat in order to
build your PDF with the javascript assigned to the hyperlinks.
Do you mean run your delphi application via a desktop shortcut with extra commands? If so then yes.

You can pass parameters to your application via a shortcut, then decode them on main form create by looping through them ( they will be separated by a space in the shortcut and the application knows that each is individual).

for i := 1 to paramcount do

Note that parameters passed in double quotes will be treated as a single parameter without quotes:
myprog.exe "test string" param2
ParamStr(1)='test string'

You can then convert to other variable types on load, ie integer
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UrosVidojevicAuthor Commented:
I have several hyperlinks in pdf file (which I got by converting doc file with openoffice), these links should contain name of my program and parameters. Each time user clicks on some of links my program should be run with arguments which I gave in hyperlink.

For example:

Link 1 <myprogram.exe, param = "user choosed link 1">

Some text....

Link N <my program.exe, param = "user choosed link n">
UrosVidojevicAuthor Commented:
Ok, now I can make N shortcuts to my program, each containing some parameter, and then point N links in my document to them, but I need better solution:

How to embed information about parameters in hyperlink?
So, each hyperlink should contain name of exe file and parameters.
UrosVidojevicAuthor Commented:
Yes I have full Acrobat 7, can you give me the javascript code to run program MyProgram.exe with some string parameter, and explain briefly how to do that (make that hyperlink)?

Thank you.

Eddie ShipmanAll-around developerCommented:
No, I don't have Acrobat installed. I just know it exists however, let me check the documentation to see if
it realyl can be done and how.
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