Setting up separate subnets for workstations and servers

I would like to setup my two Cisco 3560 switches with separate subnets for workstations, servers, and VPN clients (ISA Server).  The switches will be connected via a Cisco SFP Interconnect cable.

Do I need a VLAN for each subnet?  If I setup,, and I will need a subnet mask of for each subnet to talk to each other, correct?  How do I configure the switches to talk to each other using the cable?  Is there a good guide to setting up the switches in this manner?

I really don't want overkill.  I simply need to expand the range of IP addresses available to all computers, and segmenting by subnet makes the most sense to me.  I am new to Cisco, so pointing me in the right direction is all I ask.

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pjtemplinConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You really should have a VLAN per subnet.  If you want 10.0.1.x, 10.0.2.x, and 10.0.3.x to be different subnets, you'll need a mask of

I'm not familiar with switch stacking, so hopefully someone solid in that will chime in.
lrmooreConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If all you want to do is expand the range of IP's available, an you have a mask of - then you've got way too many available already.

But yes, vlans are the way to go if you want to segregate/segment your network. Use a class C mask as PJ described above, not a class B.
are all in the same subnet using mask
mask makes then all in different subnets.

Good news is that your 3560 is a layer3 switch and will route between the vlans.
Just connect the two switches together. They should autosense xover and you should not need a crossover cable. If they don't auto oxver, then you need a gigabit crossover cable not a regular ethernet crossover. The 3560's don't have a stack cable like the 3750 does. I would use at least two links between them and create a trunk port channel group.

Keep this bookmarked:

lrmoore, lrmoore, lrmoore, please help me convert the world to slash notation!  ;)
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OK!  <8-}

use /24
Any updates/comments for us, Tom?
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