Using a textbox to do a fuzzy lookup

Hi there, the scenario of my problem is: A user can type in a string in a textbox, when he clicks the button the string must be used to do a fuzzy lookup with a reference table. If there is any similarities(where the _Similarity column > 0) between the string and a reference table it must show the fuzzyresults in a datagridview below the textbox.

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tobydavidConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You might find Levenshtein Distance useful.  This is a measure of (dis)similarity between two strings based on the number of changes it would take to turn the first string into the second.  Here is a good source of additional information

It also contains the code you would need for either Java, C++, or Visual Basic

take a datatable and fill it with something that you want to show in datagrid

mDT = new DataTable();
dgTest.DataSource = mDT;

now when the user clicks on the button make a dataview and add a filter expression and assign it to the datagrid.

private void button1_Click(object sender, System.EventArgs e)
        DataView mView = mDT.DefaultView;
      mView.RowFilter = "ur_ref_fieldname like '" + textBox1.Text + "%'";
      dgTest.DataSource = mView;

I think you missed another wildcard character before the text.

     mView.RowFilter = "ur_ref_fieldname like %'" + textBox1.Text + "%'";


  Nayer Naguib
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cErasmusAuthor Commented:
I tried this, but like is not going to work for me. You see I want to, lets say a guy wants to buy a product, but first he has to check his stock so he enters the product's name, lets say he wants to buy a "Brown glasshouse" so he enters it. Now I check in stock, and in my stock I have "Brown glasscasing". Is this possible? I would like to use something like this in a front-end program? Doing a fuzzy search outside of SSIS?
cErasmusAuthor Commented:
Thanks, but I already solved it, i'll still reward you.
Thank you.
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