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I am looking for a freeware/opensource utility/script to import workstation-located Netscape 6.x-7.x (and one or two 4.7x) mail folders and bookmarks/addressbooks into Groupwise 6.5 and later with a minimal of fuss and effort. We have a large number of users with Netscape pop3 access with mail downloaded to the workstation, +- 400-500 users. There are also a small handfull of Outlook Express and Outlook versions. We are switching to Groupwise 6.5, currently deployed and upgrading this early next year to Groupwise 7.

Can anyone suggest a solution? The only product I could find was Transcend Migrator but our budget for the migration is zero with no staff, except myself, and I've been given the task "Don't ask for money, just do it"
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Umm....I can't think of a FOSS solution to do this. All of the solutions I've heard about are commercial/$$$.

You can, to a certain extent, do this with the Netscape E-Mail client. Simply enable IMAP support in the GroupWise System (you can do this on the POA or the GWIA - the POA is probably the better Agent in this case) and users can drag-n-drop E-Mail and folders between their Local mailbox and their GroupWise Mailbox. This will work for the LookOut! users, too. That will import the E-Mail into GroupWise.

Cool Solutions had a recent article on the GroupWise Address Book .NAB format and using a spreadsheet to create an importable file. I'll see if I can find the URL.
This is a really cool FREE TOOL that actually works: 

the only catch is that you have to go from lookout...ah.hem I mean Outlook to GroupWise. I had a similar task a few years ago and there is a path from Netscape to outlook express or outlook and then you install the free formativ engine from Advansyscorp and it just works. you can pick and choose based on dates also. so you don't have to  get everything if you don't want to.  I met this company at BrainShare a few years back and they have many products for enhancing GW to do just about anything you can think of.

good luck.
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