The DiskPart.exe utility cannot extend a logical drive in an extended partition in Windows Server 2003

Im stuck in the process of extending my RAID 5 hardware based configuration.  I recently installed a 4th drive to my array with the intent to increase disk space.
Current configuration:
OS: 2003 Server Standard
Array Type: RAID 5 Hardware based RAID
Array Specs: It has four 35 GB drives allocated onto one logical drive.
Disk Type: Basic

Problem 1: The OS only recognizes the amount of disk space that it originally had which was ~68GB and does not see the new disk space amout of 34GB.  

Using HP's RAID configuration utility, I am at the last part of the phase where I have to use Microsoft disk part utility to extend the disk space.

Problem 2:  When I use disk part, I get this error:
The volume you have selected may not be extended.
Please select another volume and try again.

I discovered that Microsoft has a hot fix for 2003 server which can be referenced in the link below.  According to the link , once the hot fix it applied, the following files will be updated:
Date         Time   Version            Size    File name
   30-Apr-2004  19:03  5.2.3790.169      167,424  Diskpart.exe    
   30-Apr-2004  19:47  5.2.3790.169      107,008  Vdsbas.dll      

Where can I find the hot fix referenced in KB 841650 because it is not included anywhere on the page?  Thank You!
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elbereth21Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Sorry: "yopuo trying" reads "you trying"...
Hi stressedout2004,
you have to call Microsoft Help Desk: on this page:, you'll find the phone number for your country. There is no other way to get this patch, anyway this method is free, I have done it many times.

if i do such tasks i se a 3rd party software (acronis disk director suite) it comes allways handy and works perfectly with HP and IBM RAID controllers (and it is cheap)

anyway there are 2 extending steps in the ACU are you sure you did extend the array AND ALSO the logical volume in the Array Configuration Utility?
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stressedout2004Author Commented:
I expeaded the array, and then allocated that space into the array using the array configuration utility.  Would this be the correct answer?
PberSolutions ArchitectCommented:
If you have premier support with M$ you can just go to login and search for the KB and download the hotfix directly.  If you don't have premier you have to do what elbereth21 mentioned and follow the link on the page.
i mean that in the first step you expand the RAID5 array to use the new hard drive and in th esecond one you have to expand the volume(s) located on that array (you probably did it but i can not describe it correctly) the array expansion of a raid5 array usually takes more than 1 whole day of counting
anyway after that if you run the disk manager you HAVE TO BE ABLE TO SEE THE FREE SPACE AFTER THE LAST PARTITION
if the space is there you should be able to resize the partition (i am not sure if the diskpart.exe supports resizing of the c: drive too and if it supports resizing logical partitions)
stressedout2004Author Commented:
You are correct the process took about 2 days to complete in growing the disk space.  So I am stuck with unallocated space.  Would their be anything wrong with formatting the remaining space and give it a drive letter? I take it that that 34 gb is spanned across all 4 drives, is that correct?
yes it is correct
do you see the free space in the disk manager?
stressedout2004Author Commented:
I see the space and I can create a partition.  I tried to create a seperate partition and it worked for both primary and extended partition types.  I rather have the space merge into the existing space in that way I dont not have to worry about having a 68GB drive and a 34GB drive.  I know I could use a third party utility, but why wont diskpart work the way it is supposed to?
Are yopuo trying to expand the system or the boot partition? This is not possible with diskpart. If you really want to, you'll have to use a third part utility. See also here:
stressedout2004Author Commented:
I am trying to extend the boot partition and system.  Looks like this is a no go.  Thank you all Ill have to use a third party utility.  You have all been great.
you are great too... i have posted the correct answer and got no points at all... and look what message was selected as a solution...
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