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Good Setup Configuration

Hi, I have a small company that I support that has around 15 people & will eventually grow to around 100 or so.  Right now they share a network with us...however, that is something that we would like to eliminate.  We want them to get their own services up & going, so I was hoping that someone could give me some suggestions on what to use.  I need to get something that is easy to configure & then even easier to maintain.  They will have a T1 going in, so let's base it on that premise

- Domain Controller - I would like this to be Windows 2003, can it double as their file-server, or is that a bit of a taboo?  How about WINS?
- Router/Firewall
- DHCP server?
- VPN?

Please let me know your suggestions...this is a Windows enviroment & email is not needed since their email is hosted.

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is this homework?

first you have to establish a budget.  also how much downtime can they afford and willing to accept.  then you have licensing to deal with, if you are keeping it legitamit.  your budget will determine if you can afford another server dedicated for file and prnt sharing, but it can be done on the DC.  For your router, Firewall- i would go with cisco products.  if it is a DS1 (T1) that they are gettign then you would need a WIC card for the router.  you can then throw a pix501,515 or even the new cisco ASA models in there. either one of these devices support site to site and remote client vpn.

but if you just want to segregate them form your network, you can get a layer 3 switch, carve off a vlan that cannot communicate with yours and limit bandwidth
rustyrpageAuthor Commented:
"Hi, I have a small company that I support".

It is not homework, I just want other people's opinions.
i saw that. i have to ask though.   whatever,  form the response i gave you, how does any of that fit into your situation and budget
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rustyrpageAuthor Commented:
The problem is that a Cisco solution, although a good name, may not be an easy implementation...unless they have changed from last time I used it.

Can you think of anything that I am missing to get them completely up & running?  Would you do the DHCP from the router/firewall?  What about WINS?
there is nothign wrong with cisco.  and in my opinion, it is a very easy IOS to learn.  you have your choice between a simple command line or some easy GUIs.  i woudl do the dhcp from the domain controller.  i would run WINS also.  even in MS active directory 2003 WINS is needed.
Alternate solution would be the Netscreen Firewalls from Juniper. They are pretty good, easy to learn and provide more feature set. Right from NS5GT or the newest SSG5, it provides Deep Inspection capabilities (Intrusion Prevention) and high throughput than PIX 501/506.

www.juniper.net Take a look at it.

i would go with the Cisco ASA model.  it has aswesome throughput.  very good device and supports Web VPN
One server for Domain Controller. Same would work as WINS and DHCP server.(Windows 2003 Standard)

Get, one more server for Filer.
Fast Disk subsystem(SCSI 15K RPM), lots of RAM(1GB), Could be a single processor, Gigabit NIC.

As for terminating T1, I would use a simple cisco 2600 series router.

As, for VPN, you could using Windows Inbuit RRAS service for PPTP Dial-in VPNs. Its easy and simple to configure.

This would require you to spend less as well.

for vpn i recommend hradware.  cisco pix, ASA, sonicwall, etc.
You should never have only one domain controller. However, if you make a full system backup every day, store that offsite, do not mind your AD and services depending on them being offline for a extended period, you might be able to live with it until you can spend more money.

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