what is a solaris 10 used for

this might sound stupid. but i need to ask to clarify few knowledge answer from experts

well i downloaded sol10 works fine , now i can create users can mount my cd  can play songs , can surf.

i have 0% of real work experience on solars workstation. i am dying to work in real environment.after too may rejection for the job. i finally decided to get a sol10 workstation and work on it.
i am playing with it now  works fine

but in real environment what does it has.
for example
window2003  server ( make sense to me which stores users data. can create users who connects to this server and use application or database so on)

in the same way what application can i install on solaris ( not which are free and are on the Google )

i need real application which are used in the work environment. so that i can install and practice on it

if you ask me about windows i can tell whole day and night about the application we can install on it  and how to communicate with each other and what can and cant do with it

well know with solaris i am doing nothing . and cant even say any thing what i can do with it
i can update solaris
i can remote login in solaris box (putty)
i can share a user folder and can access from different workstation
now i am sick of it doing the same thing

i would like to know each and every application which runs on solaris and which all companies use them to their requirement

i want to practice the real life tasks.....

i will increase the POINTS to  the maximum  please try to give me as much info as possible.

what application runs on sol platform how they interact
notes and links to that application

apart from database like oracle . what else solaris workstation use for
What kind of companies use sol and what they use  solaris for

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Here're some of my example:

1) Database server
2) Web Server, online teaching applications, eg, " blackboard"
3) Enginerring simulations for VLSI design, Network design etc.
4) Financial/Accounting/HR applications
5) DHCP/DNS/Mail servers
6) Data storage.

    Solaris 10 comes with ZFS (very good for data storage):

    Sun/Solaris  docs:

In general, Solaris  in the following areas are a lot better than MS Windows:

      -- Stability: you can run your Web all year without any reboot
      -- Performance: datebase run on *nix perform better than Windows
      -- Scalability: A truly muti-user, muti-tasking OS, large data storage, filesystem
                          multiple CPUs etc.
      -- Security: virus free, well established security history
      -- On going cost: enjoy open source software, eg, Apache web server is free,
         free MySql, php, perl, SSL and other tools.
There's a *huge* list of applications you can run on Solaris.

For a list (which doesn't list everything) see https://partneradvantage.sun.com/partners/10moves/solutions.html

javeedabdulAuthor Commented:
hi tintin

list is nice  but if i go through each . it will take 10 year to configure and work with it.

well. let me make more clear(this is just an example)

if hosting companies use solaris for what ever reason.
what are most popular and and current application they will be using. and so on

hosting company i just made it . i don't even know whether  they use it or not

all i need with your real work experience in your companies what do you really work on. what application you work on solaris.

i dont know which companies uses solaris and why

i would like each and every one opinion on their real work environment what application they use at work.
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OK, so you want somebody with personal experience with Solaris.

I've been using Solaris since Solaris 2.1.  The uses have been varied, but some of the most common ones are:

1.  Database server (typically Oracle)
2.  Web server
3.  HR/Accounting systems, like SAP.
4.  Mail/DNS server.
5.  Development environment for applications written in C and Java.
6.  Scientific work, eg: modelling/graphing geographical data.

The first 4 probably make up the good bulk of applications run on Solaris.

javeedabdulAuthor Commented:
hi tintin & yuzh

1.  Database server (typically Oracle) --fine

2.  Web server
what application do i need to install to make  it as a webserver. please briefly describe.

3.  HR/Accounting systems, like SAP.
what else application i can install apart of SAP. i need free and not expensive applicaton. i am willing to buy them to get my own experience

4.  Mail/DNS server.
mail server sounds good. but what application do i need to have to say its a mail server. there name and  appropriate links please

5.  Development environment for applications written in C and Java.
dont know any ting but i need to known every thing about it

6.  Scientific work, eg: modelling/graphing geographical data.
names of the application please

7) DHCP/DNS/Mail servers
to make my solaris computer as a dns or dhcp what do it need and if only need to configure the box. links for the good tutorial or some info please

8. Web Server, online teaching applications, eg, " blackboard"
whats this blackboard i searched ongoogle but ending up on http://www.blackboard.com/us/index.aspx

9.) Enginerring simulations for VLSI design, Network design etc.
more info please

10) Data storage.
this sound very interesting. i need good info on it . i know bit about veritas
what do  should i store (work documents or oracle datafile  or database data file or whats does it store)

thanks in adavance
javeedabdulAuthor Commented:
real envirnment application please . so when i apply for job then i can tell them what i have knowledge on and what i can do. they need to be real work experinece and running applicaton
2. For web servers take your pick.  Apache is by far and away the most common and comes standard with Solaris.  Also included is Apache/Tomcat for Java servlets.

See http://httpd.apache.org/ http://tomcat.apache.org/

3.  There are too many HT/Accounting systems to list them.  Not sure about the free options, but I'm sure there'll be something appropriate on sourceforge.net

4.  Solaris comes standard with sendmail (http://www.sendmail.org/) or you can install any other mail server you like, eg: qmail, Postfix.  Solaris comes standard with BIND for DNS server.

5.  Solaris comes with a whole bunch of development tools for developing in just about any of the major programming languages.

7. For DNS, see http://www.softpanorama.org/DNS/index.shtml

10.  Data Storage encompasses a huge range of variations.  Typically it's data associated with a database.  This could be on local disk, mirrored local disk, RAID array, SAN etc.

I'll give you some example of Enginerring & Scientific packages, we are using (don't attemp to buy them for you home machine, they are very expensive, they are mainly run on Sun Sparc platform)

Cost :
      > $US 1M  Cadence, Mentor Graphics  (I'm a VLSI app expert)
      > 100 K     Synopsys, HSPice, SmartTestPG
      Note: the hardware for SmartTestPG will cost a few Millions.

     >10K  ISE TCAD, Opnet (Networksimulation)
     > 1K
     Matlab (could cost you 10K+, depends on what model you want), isatis.

     etc, ...etc...

     some software, need experts to install and configure.

     If you go for Unix solution, you need to have some experts to work for you, not just someone only know a few Unix commands.

     Good luck!
javeedabdulAuthor Commented:
any good application for email  to user as for webhosting
one i know of is webmin (easy to install to do some task but not much

some thing like that

i would appreciate if you could paste direct links to that application will be great
except www.sunfreeware.com which i dont like i wasted like 4 hours to figure out which i need to install

good administration utilities
and direct links to the application

yuzh : i cant effort million but some good one reliable free , and those are runing in the market and most people use them

thanks very much
>> would appreciate if you could paste direct links to that application will be great
except www.sunfreeware.com which i dont like i wasted like 4 hours to figure out which i need to install

You need to konw what you want before installing any thing, and you need to sit down to read what the app does ank ask yourself if you want to install it, not just download and install something you don't know.

I the real life, the sys adm only install what tools they need and what tools are nice to have.
It can take days, weeks or months to figure out if depends on what you want the server/workstation to do.

Good luck!
javeedabdulAuthor Commented:
just put few here . dont need all of them  

few which i can work on

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