wireless network lost connection in a dell inspiron

Hi you alll
When my computer enters in a screen server mode or if i didn't work for a few minuts, my lap top lost the wireless conection agains the spot, and i need to repair and repair de connection. I have windows Xp Proffesional.
Is any possible reason for why  i´m lost the connection with that range of frecuency?, or what i need to do or configure  for do not  lost the connection, I have 10  normal pc's as well, connected to the same spot and them have no problem.
Any sugesstions?
Thank you a lot
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rindiConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Right click the wireless adapter and go into it's properties. Disable any powersaving features you can find.
Would you please detail more infor? wireless card model? router brand? service pack of win xp? how you setup using WAP, WEP, etc?
ErnestoAuthor Commented:
ok, i'm going to do this.
But I note another situation that happends, suddenly, the network configuration.
I need Shered, wpa
and suddeny change to another that isn't the right configuration for my spot.
why happend that?
Thank you
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Sorry, can you clarify? I didn't understand the comment.
ErnestoAuthor Commented:
i mean, that the setings those i'm configure originally at the wireless networks, are change suddenly
ErnestoAuthor Commented:
that's it
thanks a lot
Your Welcome
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