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Can anyone help me to explain me the following code snippets.

Can anyone help me to explain me the following code snippets.I am bit confused

1) # 35 "/usr/include/iso/stdio_iso.h" 2 3

2) # 1 "/usr/include/sys/va_list.h" 1 3

3) #define _SYS_VA_LIST_H

*4) #pragma ident   "@(#)va_list.h  1.12    99/05/04 SMI"
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preprocessor directives like
#line # 35 "/usr/include/iso/stdio_iso.h"
are typically inerted int generated or preprocessed C code to set the presumed line number and source file.
This can be useful so that error messages or macros that use __FILE__ or __LINE can tell you where the original code that genrerated the error came from

#define _SYS_VA_LIST_H
defines a preprocessor macro named _SYS_VA_LIST_H

pragmas cause the impementation to behave in an implementation-defined manner
tatikor_143Author Commented:

Can u please explain me the above lines with a small example.

Also, What exactly the 4th point says?What it is trying to do?

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