Ports to open for Remote access

Can someone please comfirm which ports I need to open for PPTP and L2TP on my router...worth 500 smackers!!!
Many thanks
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What exactly are you trying to do? Are you setting up your router as a PPTP / L2TP passthrough? or is the router the end-point for the tunnel(s)?

PPTP uses port 1723 (tcp)
L2TP useu port 1701 (udp)

If this is a passthrough setup you'll also need to forward GRE (protocol 47)
also depending up what exactly it is that you're trying to do... ports: 50, 51, (and 500, for IPSec VPN's) may also need to be opened/forwarded.


Protocol 50 and 51 (whether ah or esp) and udp 500

AndyinJapanAuthor Commented:
Dear all,

Its a pass thought setup to a windows 2003 RAS.

On the router I have the following read out.

nat descriptor type 1 masquerade
nat descriptor address outer 1 218.225.xxx.xxx
nat descriptor masquerade 1 218.225.xxx.xxx udp 500
nat descriptor masquerade 2 218.225.xxx.xxx esp
nat descriptor masquerade 3 218.225.xxx.xxx tcp 1723
nat descriptor masquerade 4 218.225.xxx.xxx gre
nat descriptor masquerade 5 218.225.xxx.xxx tcp 1701
nat descriptor masquerade 6 218.225.xxx.xxx udp 1701

Does this look about right?

Many thanks for your advise
Andy :)
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