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Best way to shutdown & restart a EMC Clariion ?

   We have a electrical issue in the building and all power needs to be cut to the server room.
  What is the best way to shutdown a Clariion? Is there a specific sequence that needs to be followed?

   What is the best way to bring a Clariion back online? Is there a specific sequence that needs to be followed fir this operation?

Thanks in advance.

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1 Solution
Shutdown all the hosts first.  Then you should connected via the console to the EMC and shut it down.  Then bring down the additional arrays.  You might be better off contacting the vendor from whom you purchased it to get the answer to prevent any data loss.
Duncan MeyersCommented:
Shut down the hosts.
Power off the FC switches
Turn off the power switches on the Standby Power Supplies. This will force the array to flush any data in the write cache out to the vault area on the first five drives. The array will then turn itself off after that has finished - it can take up to 2 minutes,
Power off any disk expansion cabinets (DAEs)

Reverse the procedure to power everything back on. Brocade FC switches take 10-ish minutes to boot, so you can safely turn them on first to save yourself some waiting.

Note that this is the EMC recommended procedure - there is no way of shutting down the array from Navisphere.
Duncan MeyersCommented:
The CX700 (unless its a very early build) doesn't have any power switches on the Storage Processor Enclosure which forces you to power off the Standby Power Supplies (SPS). Again, depending on the age of the CX700, the DAEs won't have any power switches on them either. You can turn off the power rails in the EMC cabinet once the SPS and OS DAE (ie the first DAE with the CLARiiON FLARE code on it) has shut down. EMC removed the power switches on the DAEs to help prevent people powering down the CLARiiON incorrectly. Mind you, there's always *someone* who'll just pull out the power cables... :-)

If you want to be ultra-ultra-ultra-ultra paranoid, you can turn write cacheing off in Navisphere then check the event logs to see when the write cache has been successfully disabled. At that point, there will be no data in write cache. You'll find that when you power off the SPS's that the SPE and OS DAE powers off very quickly. If the system has to flush write cache first then the power off time is longer - typically up to two minutes.

There should be a sticker on the inside of the rear door of the rack that the CX700 is in that also describes the power-off procedure I posted earlier this morning.  
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Duncan MeyersCommented:
I have to disagree with the points split, rindi. There is no way of shutting down a CLARiiON array available to a user other than the method I detailed above.
While the directions provided by meyersd are elaborate, they were on the same path to the steps I provided. It is often better to login into the EMC via the console/RDP and power the  DPe2 off via software versus pulling the plug on the EMC provided batteries (SPS) and waiting until the loss of power on the batteries triggers a shutdown.  

A split is fair.

Duncan MeyersCommented:
You need EMCRemote to get into the Storage Processors, not to mention the appropriate user name and password (not that that is a great secret). EMC/Symm Remote is an EMC service tool - and I would strongly recommend against using it unless you know *exactly* what you're doing. It's possible to do a lot of damage from the SP OS.

EMC's recommended procedure is:
Shut down the hosts.
Switch off FC switches
Switch off the SPS's and allow the CLARiiON to flush write cache and shut itself down gracefully
Switch off remaining disc cabinets,

Reverse the order to power it all back on.
According to EMC Procedures:

As stated from the [ Customer CLARiiON Procedure Generator v1.5.2 ]   (which is a small application that will
literally produce the document, code, and procedures 'including diagrams' of how to shut down CLARiiON CX
series Arrays.

The Procedure Generator application can be found here:

Here is the results when selecting the Shut-Down sequence.

For your own records, collect and archive the environment configuration infomration as
described below.

It is recommended that you should have the generated report handy for reference upon request.  
The contained information is useful for audits, hardware/software configuration refernces, and
trouble shooting.

NOTE:  It is recommended to have the latest version of Navisphere CLI installed.  Otherwise, new
CLI commands may be inaccessible.

Collect the CLARiiON information:

If necessary, create a new directory folder that will be used to hold the generated
configuration reports.

At a DOS command prompt, go to the directory containing the 'navicli' files by entering:

cd program files\emc\navisphere cli

At the prompt, run a getall command as follows:
NOTE:  Alternatively, if supported by the installed Navisphere version, a 'spcollect'
command can be run to collect the information.

navicli -h sp_IP_address getall >folder_path_and_filename.txt

Repeate the CLI command for each SP in the configuration.

Collect the switch information (if applicable):

Collect the information for the switches in the configuration.  Use the applicable capture
command or GUI features depending on the switch type.

The switch configuration should be saved to a file and store in a safe place.

Safely power down a CLARiiON CX3-Series/CX-Series array:

The ONLY power switches that should be used to shutdown a CLARiiON CX-Series array
(SPE/OS-boot chassis or DPE) are the power switches on the standby power supplies(SPS).

Failure to follow this procedure can result in teh loss of data and extended times
of data unavailability while the array is returned to normal functionality.

The term "SPE" in this document, generically referes to teh chassis that holds the storage
processors for serveral types of arrays.

->  CX600 - SPE
->  CX700 - SPE
->  CX3-20-Series - SPE3
->  CX3-40-Series - SPE3
->  CX3-80- SPE2

Perform the applicable procedure:

For CX700 , CX600 , CX3-80, CX3-40-Series, and CX3-20-Series arrays:

The CX700, CX600, CX3-80, CX3-40-Series, and CX3-20-Series SPE
chassis and OS-boot chassis are plugged into the SPS units.  From the rear of
teh cabinet, the LEFT POWER SUPPLY of each chassis (SPE and OS-boot) is plugged into
the LEFT SPS and the RIGHT POWER SUPPLIES are plugged into the RIGHT SPS.

Stop all I/O to the array.

Wait approximately  minutes to allow the write cache to finish it's writes to
the storage system.  Writes may not be completed but following this procedure
will ensure data integrity.

Turn off the SPS power switch on each SPS.

Never turn off the pwower directly to the SPE chassis or the OS-Boot
chassis by using any switches on the power supplies.  Never unplug any of the
AC cables going to the SPE or OS-Boot chassis to disconnect power.

As soon as the second SPS is turned off, any data in the SP (Cached data) will be
saved to the vault drives.

When the saving of the cached dta from the SP is completed (up to 90 seconds),
the SPS units will pwer off by themselves, thus removing power to the SPE
chassis and the OS-Boot chassis.

Once this is complete and the SPS units have turned both themselves and the
power supplies connected to them off, any othe chasis can be turned off by using
the power supply switches or removing cables from their AC source.


For all other CX-Series arrays:

NOTE A CX200, CX300, or CX3-10c  may have only one SPS where the A-side
power supply (right rear) is plugged inot the SPS and the B-side pwer supply is
connected directly to the AC source.

Stop all I/O to the array.

Wait approximately 5 minutes to allow the write cache to finish it's writes to the
storage system.  Writes may not be completed bu following this procedure will
ensure data integrity.

Turn off the SPS power switch on each SPS.

WARNING:  Never turn off the power directly to the SPE chassis by using any
switches on teh power supplies.  Never unplug any of the AC cables going to the
SPE chassis to disconnect power.

As soon as the second SPS is turned off, any data in the SP (cached data() will be
saved to the vault drives.

When the saving of teh chanced data from the SP is completed (up to 90 seconds),
the SPS units will power off by themselves, thus removing power to the DPE

If the array is a CX200, CX300, CX3-10c with one SPS, power off the power
supply that connected to the SPS has shut down.

CLARiiON redesigned the power supplies of the SPE chassis for older models
such as the CX600/CX700 and the DAE chassis attached to all array types.  This
redesign included the removal of the "rocker" style power swiches.  Whether the
power supply has switches or not, should never be used to remove power from

Use SPS switches ONLY.  This ensures that unwritten data in the SP will not be
lost, but will be safely stored on the array vault drives.

Power down lables are being placed on all CLARiiON cabinets in manufacturing and
added by Customer Engineers during future site visits.  

That is all.

Hope this is useful.

- sqladmin

Duncan MeyersCommented:
Hi Aksotech

That's a direct cut-and-paste from the CLARiiON Procedure Generator, and while it is extremely helpful, is also material that is copyright to EMC. We cannot post copyright material here at EE - the solution is to post a link to the necessary information.

http://www.experts-exchange.com/memberAgreement.jsp has more details. You may also want to contact Community Support ti have the post removed.
Duncan MeyersCommented:
Works for me... :-)
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