message stuck in outbox for users in gal

Need help.

Emails being sent to users located in the GAL are getting stuck in the outbox.
If I type in the user email address instead of using the GAL lookup then the message will leave the outbox and be sent.

Has anyone experienced this and what was the resolution?
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Computer101Connect With a Mentor Commented:
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EE Admin
Are you the only one or all the users are facing this issue?
Any recent changes on the server?
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INFO4ATDAuthor Commented:
it seems to be happening to random users on the network.  One temporary solutions i have found is that if you move the message from the outbox to the drafts folder, open the message from the drafts folder and the click send.
The message moves back into the outbox and then on the next send and receive the mesaage moves from the outbox to sent items.

No changes to the server for a month.
Are these random users using Outlook in Cached mode?
INFO4ATDAuthor Commented:
running in cached mode
do these users face the isssue when these users are configured to not run in the cached mode?
INFO4ATDAuthor Commented:
have not tried thiss option will give it a try.

Also, I ran the Exchange troubleshhoting analyzer and it report that the
 RPC per second rates indicate that a user or users are unusally active
Then to get more information a link is suggected :

Do you know siomething about the rpc issue?
INFO4ATDAuthor Commented:
I have also noticed that when a message is created and you click send the message goes to the outbox and gets  stuck in the outbox.  I can press F( key and the emails gets process from the outbox to the sent items folder and the rmessage gets delivered.

Could there be something  not allowing the message to be sent automatically?

INFO4ATDAuthor Commented:
I belive I found the resolution.

I found a user who had not logged off  in a week and he was not having a problem.

That made me think that the problem maybe policy/profile related.
I deleted and created a newoutlook profile on an infected workstation and the issue still existed.

I then looked at a Group Policies template that I downloaded from Microsoft.
The template  outlook11.ADM  contains paramters to configure outlook and exchange settings at the workstation.

When I loaded the template I did not make any changes to the values in the template.

I decided to delete the template to see if that was causing the problem.

I then went to one of the infected workstation, had the user logoff and then logon.
the outlook client is now working properly with no messages stuck in the outbox.

Thanks for the update and the answer
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