Driver for Sony Handheld PEG-TH55

I have been looking for drivers for my Palm everywhere and can not find anything, i would like to connect it to my windows xp computer. I have already tried sonys website and many others but no luck.

If you have or know where i can find them please let me know

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I have just found another link for you.

Download the version you want then go here

for the driver update.

btw have you tried here as well?

I finally download a USB hotsync driver for Clie but not sure if it works for th55 or not.
The website where I went is in chinese, if you are interested will have it posted.
you may try this:

Sorry I have no PEG-TH55 so I can't test it for you.

Good Luck~
bladeetaAuthor Commented:
The link is broken i was unable to d/l the file but i think i have tried that file already i got it of another site.

Thanks for the try
bladeetaAuthor Commented:
i got all of the drivers i needed thank you, i dont know how you found that site

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