Drive mappings on XP Client disappearing intermittently


I have a Laptop - XP Pro SP2 - on a domain which runs a vb login script which maps the shared folders from the server to certain drives on the client. The problem is that intermittently the network drives disappear from the client. It is only happening to the 1 machine of 25.

if the user logs out/in the drives reapear after the login script runs but they will disappear again later on.

firewall is disabled - network connection is fine - have recreated domain user account -
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pmhesseConnect With a Mentor Commented:
OK, I've been through this... I *think* it's fixed.  I ran the command...

net config server /autodisconnect:-1

...on both the client and the server.  I just hibernated for 3 hours, started up the computer, and the share was still connected.  So hopefully that will do the trick for you.
sirbountyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Another option - especially if you'd rather not hit the registry:

Click Start->Run->cmd /c net config server /autodisconnect:0 <Enter>

0 turns off autodisconnect
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Are you getting any errors like:

Network Cable Unplugged?

Can user still browse network or internet after losing mapped drives?

What type of connection is being used by the latop?  Cat5  Wireless ?

Is the laptop going into standby or hibernate?

Is the drive letter being mapped conflicting with any removable devices on the laptop?
Also,  Have you looked at the   Event Viewer - Security   to see if anything pops up around the time the mapped drive disconnects?
Quick and easy if you don't want to go into the registry.

Map a network drive [Even if you're just going to disconnect it right away.]  Make sure you have the checkbox for Reconnect at Logon checked.  This automatically turns on 'cached credentials' in Windows.

Now if you want to keep the drive you just mapped fine.  If you don't just disconnect it.  It won't reconnect at logon because you manually disconnected it but your other dirves will continue to show up.
core3Author Commented:
have checked all the usual things :

- network cable is fine
- nothing indicating issue in event logs
- machine does not hibernate or go into sleep mode etc.
- no conflicting drive mappings.
- machine can still surf web after/while mapped drives disapear
- machine on cabled (cat5e) domain with SBS 2K3 DC/DHCP/DNS etc.
- this is the only machine on domain doing this.
- Have changed autodisconnect in the registry to disabled as advised but still no luck

the mapped drives are not just showing  up as 'dissconnected network drive' but they are literly being removed from my computer.

Have you ran   net use   at the cmd prompt to see if they are really being removed or just unavailable?

Can you ping the server after the shares are removed?

Are you running anything around the same time as a removal of the share, like remotely managing server or another workstation?

I have seen others in varying newsgroups that have same problem and no solution....

For a temporary solution, instead of loggin off and logging on, why not create a batch file to remap the drives and execute it when need be.

net use /d
net use z: \\servername\sharename
net use y: \\servername\sharename2

I'll keep looking for answers :)

kadadi_vIT AdminCommented:
Check the properties ( in deive manager )of network card in  power management option is enabled to power save like sandby/ power off options .SO unselect that option & restart your computer.
May Be it works.
core3Author Commented:

The folders are still available after they disappear as i can still ping the server and even connect with the unc path. strangly enough even if i run \\servename the shares are all still showing. (Happens when drives are mapped by IP also - so thankfully not a DNS issue)

the only consitant thing the user is doing with the laptop is

a)exchange web access session.
b)vpn/remote desktop to a machine overseas.
c)standard outlook

i tryed to replicate  this problem by running these and then checking to see if the mappings dissapear etc..  but they were fine. I have not been able to force this to replicate.

i will try the batch file to remap the drives for a temp measure (thanx caddlady) - this should at least keep them happy for a while.
I'm having this problem, and I've fixed it before.  I'm pretty sure the solution lies in KB297684 --

According to that, sirbounty's advice is actually the exact opposite of what you need.  

To turn off the autodisconnect feature, open a command prompt, type the following line, and then press ENTER:

net config server /autodisconnect:-1"

Run that ON THE SERVER, reboot it, and I think you'll probably stop having the problem.  I don't think running it on your client is going to give you any help.
kadadi_vIT AdminCommented:
Then now what is the ramaining ...pls check with other ( external PCIMCA networkcard ) and see if it works...
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