Ideas for making a short Movie?

I need ideas for making a short movie (about 10 minutes)
It is actually a Grade 10 project where we have to use the imovie to create the movie.
But I need some ideas, themes etc of what should i make the movie on. We are very limited on resouces...
1 camera
3 guys in a group which narrows down to 2 because 1 person is going to shoot
That's about it....
So, please suggest a good theme...which is interesting and able to get us good marks...
Please suggest the ideas A.S.A.P with one or two starting scenes so that i can have a beter idea of how it is going to progress..
1 more thing..if you can also give me address of a good website which deals with ideas related to making short would be great
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CaudaxConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hrm... a group project.

Expertsexchange policy prohibits us from doing your homework for you, but there's no harm in aiding someone. (Besides, it's not the kind of homework someone else can do for you.)

Getting back on track now...

First off, what are the limitations on creativity for your project?

I don't really know what they are, so I'll assume for the time being that you pretty much have a free reign over the project, as long as it's school appropriate.

The important thing about a short movie, above all else, is of course to have a (good) theme and/or a story. Most people cannot tell a telling tale with such little time, and decide to go with just exploring a simple theme instead, and this brings us back to the initial question, what would be a good theme?

Some types of themes:
 [1] An emotion (any emotion will do) - just have scenes that express it, but also make you think about it.
 [2] An every-day action (going to school, hanging out) - make it significant - in the "I never stopped to think about it but now that I do..." sort of way.
 [3] Something very philosophical (if you manage this right you're pro.) - nihilism works well.
 [4] A state of mind and state of action.

1 - Emotions:
 * Good times: What makes a good time a good time? Emphasize answers just with a good time, and draw attention to the fact that people are having fun.
 * Sadness: Why are people sad sometimes? (NOTE: This is not an invitation to go "emo.")
 * Feeling awesome. Some achievement and why you feel really good about it.

2 - Every-day actions:
 * Waiting: Think about it - everybody waits every day. What are people waiting for? Make allusions to Tomorrow (meaning the Tomorrow that will always be after today - as opposed to the tomorrow which will be here in 24 hours).
 * Hanging out.

3 - Philosophy (heavy):
 * Does the universe exist? (It's a difficult one.)
 * Death. (You probably shouldn't. It's morbid.)

4 - State of mind and action:
 * Point of no return: This doesn't have to do with consequences. Something is being done and it's too far to turn back and undo it.

Of course, there's also another category...

5 - And the moral of the story is...!
 * If it's too good to be true, it is.
 * Don't take advice from someone who knows less about it than you do.
 * Getting drunk is bad: You give a (funny) incident of something gone wrong because someone clearly wasn't thinking straight. (NOTE: This may not be school appropriate.)
 * Curiosity killed the cat.
 * Don't fiddle while Rome burns.
 * Don't trust strangers. (This does not mean don't trust foreigners, which, by the way, is a really, really bad idea for a theme. Actually, that would just be a bad idea, period.)
 * Bravery and chivalry without good judgement does not a hero make: "I'll save you!" gone wrong.
 * Just watch The Simpsons. There's a moral in just about every episode there that you can use.

Then there's yet another category which is more like an anti-theme than a theme...

6 - Satire:
 * "Emo supremo!" (Go completely "emo.")
 * Anything trite and cliche for that matter.

There are two main ways to do satire:
 1. Go so far over the top that it just gets completely rediculous (which, by the way, is the point).
 2. Make fun of it inside the movie.

So... there's a list of ideas.
LastlandingAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the quick and useful response...
after getting these themes....I have decided to make up a moral story which is about bullying..I think it is a very good school related idea. Like a guy being bullied and what he goes through while he is being bullied and the resolution happy or sad I haven't decided yet...But i think it is a good idea..
So, if you have anymore suggestions on this or any other ones (which I assume that you do by getting this quick and useful response)..I am waiting...or you can just tell me and i'll award the points..
once again thanks !!!!!!!
magnetic_kisserConnect With a Mentor Commented:
hmm .......what abt going through an idea of drug addiction ?? .............schools have a gr8 problem abt this may be this could convey a good mesage to people ...

like start the movie with showing a friend taking drugs ....roll it like he is very much addicted to it ...he has lost interest in studies ...and such thing .....waste time is just exchanging thing ...he is cut off from the whole bunch of friends ( the other friend of u can say this that people say that he is not meeting them ) after that ur friend try to convince him to leave his drug addiction

after a time he realise the fact and then he tries to quit that bad habbit ...which he becomes succesful ...after a while ...the story contains a moral thing ur teacher might be liking it ......
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You know what would be ill?

A short movie about making a short movie.

It could be about your persistence in trying to accomplish this great feat.

I'd watch it.

If you don't make it, I will...
How about a movie about a guy who quit his IT job to become a whitewater river guide?  I know one...
LastlandingAuthor Commented:
@magnetic You have a very good idea...I would have chose it..actually the date that i posted this question was the last date to choose a theme. However I'll still give the credit. But right now we started it onBullying which is kind of similar theme because it is also a school type problem...
Thanks Caudex and magnetic
ahan .....nice

thankz for the points ...add some drugs to bullying would be a gr8 movie ... !!
LastlandingAuthor Commented:
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