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To test a hard drive for bad sectors etc - what application?

I have got the ultimate boot disk and find it a bit too technical.

Is there a good bootable disk to check a hard drive that isnt so technical?
A dedicated hard disk checker perhaps?
1 Solution
b0lsc0ttIT ManagerCommented:

I have found that one of the best and easiest diagnostic utilities is the one available from the hard drive manufacturer.  They are generally designed for the consumer.  They will do checks that will return errors or messages that the manufacturer can use to diagnose or replace the drive.  If you want a diagnostic program for a specific drive and make then let me know.

Let me know if you have any questions or need more information.

wordedAuthor Commented:

Ive a Dell that stalls at 1% on formatting a hard drive .......

As I speak it went to 2% ! But its taken 10 mins to get there.

I will consider using ultimate boot disk again -  if you know where I can find it.

Is there no good all-rounder for checking hard drives?

wordedAuthor Commented:

Ive removed the hdd and its a fujitsu 60 gig
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wordedAuthor Commented:

It does a quick format and loads windows - but later refused some windows updates ...... then later hangs ........
Me thinks harddrive
b0lsc0ttIT ManagerCommented:
The diagnostic utility for IDE/ATA drives on the US site is at  Make sure you look at the PDF instructions too.

wordedAuthor Commented:

The laptop doesnt have a floppy disk drive!  You would think they would have a bootable cd option!

Any ideas ...... can I make oone and add it?

I have winternals ........ I could boot to that and then run it form a usb key?

Will that work? Or do you know of a boot cd I can add it to or something?
wordedAuthor Commented:

I dont really want to buy an external usb floppy drive but maybe that best?
wordedAuthor Commented:

lastly before I sign off ......... Im relaoding the sys again "quick format" perhaps I will try windows disk checing facility when I get there .......

Time for sleep.


ultimate boot disk too technical?
just boot from it, hit F1 key for disk tools, then select the test you want with the displayed F-keys
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