Cisco 877 Ethernet

Can anyone help with this problem, I've just moved into my office which has an Ethernet connection coming out of the wall, I purchased the Cisco 877 as i was informed it supports ethernet.

On the router it has Ethernet Lan and ASDL

Here is my question, does the Cisco 877 work with Ethernet and if so any idea why i cannot connect to the internet. I get a message telling me my Lan is up at 100Mpbs I can connect to the router but that it.

I'm in the UK

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Don JohnstonConnect With a Mentor InstructorCommented:
If all you have is one PC then you don't need a router. Just plug your PC into the ethernet connection on the wall.

This router will not be any help in your situation since it is designed to connect an ethernet network to an ADSL network. If you want to use a router, you'll need one that has two ethernet ports.
LearningCSharpSQLAuthor Commented:
Hi donjohnston


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