I have two questions.

1. why is it that yahoo is indexing my backlinks but google hasn't and how long does it take to get a pr from google.

2. Will get a pr6 backlink help and where can I get one thanks.
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"why is it that yahoo is indexing my backlinks but google hasn't"

Google has a sandbox of roughly 6 months. New sites don't rank as well,  See more here:

Google only shows a sample of the backlinks that it knows about whereas Yahoo tends to be somewhat more comprehensive.

A PR6 backlink would probably help in that one good incoming link is generally enough to get your website crawled and indexed.  But you shouldn't get too hung up on PR.  PageRank is largely dead from an SEO standpoint and your attentions are better spent elsewhere (see - http:/Q_22013326.html).

Link building is about acquiring incoming links from high quality sites with related content.  To better understand how incoming links are of value, see  For tips on effective link building, see http:/Q_21031219.html and http:/Q_21454962.html.
We have to be careful with statements like, "Google has a sandbox of roughly 6 months."  The 'sandbox' as it is typically perceived is something of a myth, as the linked article points out - "This tells us what we already knew, that the sandbox is an artifact (an unintentional effect) and not a separate component of the Google algorithm."  And as Matt Cutts is quoted as saying, "... the best advice I can give is don’t worry or over think or try to strategize thinking to hard about is or isn’t there a sandbox. Just make a great site with great content with a normal reason why lots of people would want to link to you and visit your site and a compelling reason why people would really value your site ..."
Thanks humeniuk for the correction. If you do end up buying into the theory of the sandbox, then here's a way to skip it. I asked Michael Duz from how to skip the sandbox:

Purchase text links through TextLinkAds:

Patrick Gavin of TextLinkAds is a good text link broker. However when using any broker it pays to build a relationship with them and it also helps if you know what you are doing.

When purchasing text links through a broker:

1. Avoid run-of-site links.

2. Avoid package deals.

3. Keep within your topic area.

4. Buy links from high quality sites only. Review the page and the site where the link will be placed. Look at the pages that link to it, how many links on the page, use the Internet Archive to see previous version of the page etc., etc.

5. Proceed with caution. Here is a quote from Matt Cutts “A natural question is: what is Google’s current approach to link buying? Of course our link-weighting algorithms are the first line of defense, but it’s difficult to catch every problem case in adversarial information retrieval, so we also look for problems and leaks in different semi-automatic ways. Reputable sites that sell links won’t have their search engine rankings or PageRank penalized–a search for [daily cal] would still return However, link-selling sites can lose their ability to give reputation (e.g. PageRank and anchortext)”.

Good additional info, Bob.  Thanks.
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