How can I control which of my address appears in replies

I pull in email from multiple accounts.

If an email comes in for 2 (for example) and I click Reply, the sender might see the reply from 3 -

First of all, am I right?  Does Outlook behave this way?  I'm pretty sure it does.
Next, why am I having this problem?
If an email comes in for and I click Reply, I would expect the reply to show  It doesn't.  It mght show the reply from one of the other 2 accounts.
How can I deal with this?
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nectarios777Connect With a Mentor Commented:
up to u ;)

Since you have multiple accounts in the outlook, a default one needs to be set.
This account is used to reply to all the emails sent to Outlook.

A way to serve your request is to change the default email account.
Once this is changed then you will be able to send emails using
the different email account.

This can be done if you go to

Tools>Email Accounts
View or change existing e-mail account
Select the account email you wish to respond with and
click on the 'Set as Default' button.

Hope this helps.
DFlaschenAuthor Commented:
I have 2 accounts: Personal and Business.
If an email comes in, addressed to Personal, I need to respond FROM Personal.
If an email comes in, addressed to Business, I need to respong from Business.

If I understand correctly, you are suggesting I change my default.  But that will not solve this ongoing problem.  Will it?

I need an intelligent solution.
Such a solution would KNOW which from address to use.

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here is what you need:

So, did it work for you?
DFlaschenAuthor Commented:
Haven't tried it yet.  Can I accept the answer on faith and award you the points now?
DFlaschenAuthor Commented:
Great job.  Thanks.  Works "as advertised".
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