Accessing images using basic authentication


I have a simple JSP page that must display an image located on a remote server. This remote server uses basic authentication. The credentials to access the remote image are known to my application.

How can I display the image without prompting the user to enter credentials (username/password dialog).

Any suggestions welcome.


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>>>>This remote server uses basic authentication

you have to configure your remote server so that it allows users to log in without authentication
frostwAuthor Commented:
>>you have to configure your remote server so that it allows users to log in without authentication

Sorry but that is not an option.
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Why do you want to do this frostw? Why not host the images on your own machine?
frostwAuthor Commented:
We have a server collecting router traffic data and generating graphs (the .png images in question). The graphs are available to external applications via a cgi interface which is protected by basic authention. The images are generated on demand and therefore cannot be hosted locally by my application.

Since I can call Java code from my JSPs I believe I can fetch the images using a URLConnection. This would allow me to cope with the authentication (I think). However, what I don't know how to do is insert the fetched image back into the HTML that the JSP generates.
frostwAuthor Commented:
So I take it this is not possible then?!
frostwAuthor Commented:
No matter, I figured it out myself. Just in case anyone is interested I achieved it using a servlet to fetch the image (using basic authentication) then returned the data with an "image/png" content type.
frostwAuthor Commented:
I am going to ask that this question be closed.
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